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Steel Challenge: 2018-06-09 East Coast Steel

Jeremy "BigDawgBeav" Beaver
Published on 13 Jun 2018 / In Firearms

East Coast Steel Challenge time! June monthly match, what a great day, weather-wise... about frickin' time! So today was the day where I could gather data and see if the 90 degree C-more mount is working for me. So here's my short synopsis: nope!

The long version: I have issues with the 90 degree when doing right to left transitions. I'm cross-eye dominant and the body of the Cmore is right in front of my left eye.

To compensate for this, today I had to change my stage plans to try and shoot as much left to right as I could. In the end I did do better on 3 stages with personal best times, plus my best overall time ever. I banged out The Pendulum clean... not 1 miss in 5 strings. Never have done that before and knocked 3 seconds off my best time ever for that one.

But in the end, the 90 degree just felt like it was more of a hindrance than a helper for me.

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