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Star Shields and Lazer Beams!!!

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 41 Views
Published on 28 Nov 2019 / In Film and Animation

How to make your own EMP Weapons!!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

The Retrograde of the Parallax

Regardless if you are Kaballa Zohar OTO FREE MASON Internationalist, and you can even travel to Both Sides of our As Above So Below FLAT EARTHS inside this Celestial Sphere of Concentric Circles with its Sky Rails to carry our Sky Trains from point A to point B, and you place all this Brand Spanking New 5G Mass OPPRESSION and OCCUPATION Tech upon all we nonmason populations on this side of the FLAT EARTH known as Heaven in the Bible, and your side is known as The World of The Dead in the Old Testaments, and Hell and Hades in the New Testaments, we of Pak-Toe will not allow you of Racka to Rule this SIMULATION PURGATORY just because you plan to put chips in our Heads and Hands like the Book of Memory teaches where We HUMANS are The Beast with The Mark in the Book of Revelation, but we are NOT THE MONSTERS!!!

I can now see what you are up to with all these 5G TRACKING and Punishment Stations where you plan to splice in a Torment Chip in our Heads and Right Hands at Birth, and as we grow, if we Q – Question Anything, then you will hurt our Heads or right Hands by way of these 5G [FULL SPECTRUM] Microwave Oven Weapons, I mean you already force the nonmason in the Nation Country of CALIFORNIA USA to do Mandatory Vaccines that is nothing more then INSERTING Parasites…., and {Unknown Elements of Alchemy} being Hypodermically injected into our NEWBORN children at birth and first breath whom you’m FREE MASON Doctors say: if they die while injection of Flu and Vaccine Shots, then so be it, but for we nonmason to say NO!!! Then you arrest the Birth Mother while in Hospital, and take the [nonmason baby away] as soon as he or she has been born to see {if it will survive} this MANDATORY CDC BULL SHIT of the Illegal United States of America U.S. FLAG???

WE the nonmason of OUR 50 STATES FOR AMERICA will no longer pay taxes or tithes or tribute to the illegal ACT OF 1871 District of Columbia, and we will not send our children to your schools, your doctors, your religions cause all are run by DECEPTICONS known as FREE MASON Lodge members where we live from School Boards to City Counsel to Marshal and Sheriffs, and if our LOCAL ELECTIONS Can not replace you with nonmason National Guard and Coast Guards of our perspective Counties in our 50 States FOR America, then we Romantic Warriors of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION will do USE OF FORCE on all FREE MASON in the Military – Police – Government – Religion – Academies cause [WE nonmason} Supply the PayCheck to you FREE MASON C.O.P.S. as our EMPLOYED {not the Other Way around] you stinking GOLEM in Human form…

You thought we would not send specs to the people in the E.U. - China – Russia – Brazil – Congo, and all other Members of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION on how to turn their Machine Shops in High Schools to Colleges to Car Manufacturing to have at least {one Lathe Machine} set aside by nonmason to make Weapons and Bullets……., so we [NONMASON can Protect] Our Selves…., and those whom love us from you {FREE MASON International Mafia} with your U.N. Troops of G4S and Acadami and all them [Backwards WAR Patches] of the U.S. FLAG on Private Contracted FREE MASON Globalist Paramilitaries??? Think again NEW WORLD ORDER for we are here…..., and we will take you down one by one….., or in ways you {could never imagine] cause your minds ARE Machine and Logic while ours are Biological, Imaginative, Random, and Chaotic… The Commander~ [///|||\\\]

Johnny Exodice


Shot First my nonmason or die by the hands of FREE MASON C.O.P.S.


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