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Springfield XD 9, Accura Outdoors 115 Gr. RN, Diamondback Targets.mp4

76Highboy Reloading
Published on 23 Feb 2020 / In Firearms

Springfield XD-9, I really like the Springfield XD models: https://www.springfield-armory.....com/products/xd-mod

Accura Outdoors 115 Gr. RN Bullet I am using: https://accuraoutdoors.com/product/9-115-rn/

Diamondback Targets: https://diamondbacktargets.com..../shop?olsPage=produc

I started my day off flinching so I shot our Ruger Mark IV focusing on pressing the trigger all the way through. Flinching is a bad habit and I can be the biggest offender because I shoot a lot of magnum revolvers. Over the next few weeks I will have to slow down and start over by retraining my brain. In my mind I need to think.... "sssqquueeeezzee" the trigger and my goal is to squeeze the trigger in a way that I don't know when it is going to go off. Also, I need to follow-through with what I am finishing. In other words, by following-through, after the trigger releases without expecting it, I maintain my same sight picture, same hand grip and same breathing discipline. If you find yourself flinching then just go back to the basics. This is why I am a firm believer of owning a rimfire 22 cal. Also, the steel does not tell you the real truth. You need to practice on paper too. Both have their place but make sure you are not getting sloppy in your shooting. Lastly, don't be hard on yourself. Just keep practicing and focus on the basics.

We were really bothered by the amount of trash that other shooters left. I hope none of out subscribers would do anything like this.

God bless and thanks for watching.


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