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Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 Defender-Accura Outdoors 230 Gr. Rn. Bullet-Wreck Bag Workout-Get Ya Some

76Highboy Reloading
Published on 11 Apr 2020 / In Firearms

76Highboy Reloading Forum: 76highboy.com
Springfield MIL-SPEC Defender Pistol, I recommend it! https://www.springfield-armory.com/19...
Accura Outdoors 230 Gr. Rn. Bullet, my 45 Auto go-to: https://accuraoutdoors.com/product/45...
Wreck Bags, get ya some!!! https://wreckbag.com/collections/wrec...

The "stay home" for Covid-19... don't let the recliner get you. I have asthma and it is important for me to exercise my lungs with quality cardio. If you allow yourself to sit and stagnate your robbing yourself. You need to begin putting a home gym together where you can maintain cardio, core strength and build lean muscle. The most used piece of workout equipment is my Wreck bag. I plan on adding a few more as I expand my home gym set up. This bag allows me to use one piece of equipment for multiple exercises and... it's completely mobile. Your first line of defense is what you eat. Put good foods in you... avoid processed. Veggies, fruits, grain, dairy, meat, etc. Then, you need to get a gym set up where you can maintain activity. A gym membership is great and I have one too. But, you need more. You need to have an adequate set up where you live so you can stay motivated and maintain for the times when you can't get to the gym and... utilize it on your off days from the gym. Keep your mind healthy and focused!!! I highly recommend it. Highboy

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no0negun 3 months ago

Such a great drill for trigger discipline and malfunction clearing. Well done! I love your training style too. Reminds me of Rocky IV when he goes to Russia.

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