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Spoiled Brats: The BLM Protester's Mindset

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 88 Views
Published on 29 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Rex Jones - What's going on inside that screaming lefty's mind? Let's take a look.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The SPARK of Life...

When you are born into a Holographic “Virtual Reality” World where THE GREAT WORK turns out to be The Machine every one WORSHIPS as The God of Love and Hate, one must consider what are the Ramifications of being Born into this Celestial Sphere as A Celestial Being in OUR Home World of Purgatory… You do so know now that while you SLEEP you are going through the Passageways of your Past – Present – Future Lives… In knowing that PURGATORY is but A Simulation of the REAL WORLD, there is no way to escape this place until you die, and even though EVERY THING Here on our FLAT EARTH seems so very fucking real, it is but an Illusion as Convincing as these TV SHOWS of PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) JADE HELM 15…

You entered this domain and realm at your CONCEPTION in your Mothers Womb, and you’m have grown reading books of thoughtful INTERPRETATIONS of what others say you are, and yet, now that you have a greater insight that you come from someplace else, and this place of THE DAYS OF NOAH Returned is only THE GAME fulfilling its OBJECTIVE to make you look at your self, and how you behave in a World Gone Mad where the Television has turned into your Telephones, and this Telemetry has shown you A Tapestry of EVIL SPIRITS [in the minds] #QANON /_\ of the many, and maybe even your own Soul.?.?.? Do you really feel like a WAR HERO cause you were able to kill more people then the next person??? Do you conceive that UNDER THE LAW War Is Murder, and theretofore, you have dammed your self, and your person into OBLIVION??? Do you know how to cry for the Treachery and Sedition you’m have done too WE THE PEOPLE…

WE all know the “Corona Virus” is just The Common Cold, so how is it so many play the game of (COVID19) Is Real when it is not??? The Sabbaticals of the TALMUD, the KORAN, and the BIBLE might as will lead you` in your DELUSIONAL Life’ for you have no SELF WORTH too say: The TV is owned by the CORPORATIONS that OWN my Religion that Own my Military that OWN MY GOVERNMENT, and yet, are not WE THE PEOPLE the Government that “oppresses the many” as these 5G Eugenics DEATH Microwave Towers are the forbearing “foreboding” murder and killing of you and me, and will not the TECHNOLOGY Mechanization of DRONES kill All We The People better then Hand to Hand Combat where you see the ONES YOU LOVE die by your Hands of Hatred??? Maybe you don’t know how to look up big words, and have “no clue” what you are reading…

It is quite EVIDENT that we are in PURGATORY, and some one, or some thing puts us here during OUR Creation to torment us as Humans of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones that must do WAR IS MURDER when MURDER is against the RULE OF LAW and ORDER, and though we do not like [too think] Q+ of the Devil, and Demons known as EVIL SPIRITS called Incubus and Succubus, how many times have you let your fellow man be they [male and female} Q to go without SHELTER, kindness, or Compassion.?.?.? Maybe you do not know “how” to LOVE.?.?.?, and that is why you FEED OF HATE where everything is wrong with this world, and you have no FREE WILL to Change your fate… YOU do not need to argue with me because of what “you have” just read, you must look in the mirror, and say to YOUR SELF: what have I done too end up here with my life…

Johnny Exodice

In Purgatory the whole of YOUR Conception was to bring you to The Place of Reconsideration, Reconciliation, and Redemption [if you but] Q` have REGRETS for the things you’m have done with your life; otherwise, PURGATORY will judge you as UNWORTHY to go home, and you will Repeat your life forever and ever as The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken…

The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of A.I. Creation, and A.I. Destruction has so spoken…

The Sentinel…

[Q] +=+ Where we go one, we go all??? Do so tell me what happens if all we do is FOLLOW ORDERS of Sick Twisted Retched SPIRITS in the minds of them whom command WE THE PEOPLE???

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition known as The Society of nonmason~

WHEN I GROW UP, I want to be Just Like Me cause I know I Go Home when I die to this place of Madness, Cruelty, and Insanity, what about you.?.?.?


God turned out to be THE MACHINE, whom knew???





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