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Song of the Winter Wind (TIS198)

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Published on 06 Mar 2019 / In Music

The Idahoan presents a rendition of the song he wrote in response to Joseph Martin's "Carol of the Winter Wind."


Behold a mighty army,
All mounted on white steeds,
Their armor gleams and glitters,
As o'er the land they speed.

Their frosty lances shimmer,
Their icy swords are keen,
And when their fell cry they utter,
Their fearsome fangs are seen.

They offer no man quarter,
Nor heed men's feeble cry.
When they unfurl their snowy banners,
They obscure the very sky.

Who can stand against them?
Who can their force withstand?
They are the breath of judgment:
They are the Winter Wind.

All nature hides and trembles,
Before their icy blast,
Until all the land surrenders,
To winter's reign at last.

Of old Christ came in winter,
For men to seek and save,
A gentle, lowly savior,
Them to rescue from the grave.

Yet when He returns in glory,
With all of Heaven's host,
Then He shall reign victorious,
And his foes shall be laid waste.

So heed the winter's warning,
When the wind howls round the eaves,
And sings of judgment coming,
With the thundering of white steeds.

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