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Solutions for Mortgage Fraud - Quick Intro.mp4

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Published on 13 Sep 2018 / In Non-profits and Activism

If this concept intrigues you, be sure to see our videos in the 'Run Bankers Run' series found below.

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Knowledge is Power! How much do you want?

Run Bankers Run! Checkmate! 9:36
This is the starting point with a great introduction to the big picture. Start here.

Run Bankers Run - Part I - Prelude: The Battle Cry. 18:51
You will relate to this and likely enjoy it.

Run Bankers Run - Part II - Exposing the Fraud. 1:00:59Fascinating discussion on the national epidemic of mortgage fraud between Alex Jones and Randy Kelton. https://youtu.be/PozjdrrSW60

Run Bankers Run - Part III - The Swarm
Interesting discussion with National Liberty Alliance on their national effort.

Bankers You’re Busted! 23:06
Discussion with Jimmy, our ‘special assistant’ on these matters, right from the horses mouth!

Run Bankers Run! Here we come! 8:04
Discussion with one of our plaintiff warriors

Beat the Bankers - Eliminate Debt. 31:15
Court room line of questioning exposing where the fraud starts…in the funding of the mortgage. The banker never lends you anything! This is fundamental knowledge everyone needs to know. https://youtu.be/7DFNAVIvrn0

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