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Social Experiment In New York Proves That Statue Takedowns Are About Erasing American History

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Published on 12 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

Apologist Justin Derby responds to a recent social experiment in New York where people were willing to sign petitions for getting statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson torn down, but those same people were unwilling to sign petitions for getting statues of the Prophet Muhammad torn down even though all three men were white men who own black slaves.


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 28 days ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, I know that you will not acknowledge me when I walk among you as Christ The Messiah returned in the Flesh, and Blood, and Bones of the TEMPORARY Human Body Temple Avatar known as Johnny Exodice… That said……., let it be know that PURGATORY aka THE GREAT WORK of this Celestial Sphere [Simulation] /_\ Virtual Reality Holographic LOGUNS RUN Life will come to an end in the year of our L.O.R.D. aka {Love over Rebellious Demons} in the Year of 2094 C.E and as we will live on to raise our Children with the knowledge of what this place is….., we shall not FEAR the Shadows or The Valley of Death of these TEMPORAL Esoteric Bodies trapped in this DREAM called THE GAME for “the Game” is showing all that G.O.D. aka GOVERNMENT OVER DEMOCRACY is a Machine and even when the EDISON is destroyed…..., it will not STOP this place from continuing to the END OF AN AGE, and the END OF TIME for none have been repentant, nor sought out Reconciliation – Reconsideration – Regrets for the things WE THE PEOPLE have done, and when the Book of REVELATION States that “The People” will curse their GOD when they learn this God is just the SIMULATION we all live in “too see” if we are Worthy to GO HOME when we die, those whom did, and continue to do WAR IS MURDER are to be The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken “for all time” to REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT as they have become one with these EVIL SPIRITS in their minds…….., and they can be anyone whom will not say: THE EARTH IS FLAT, and our Leaders regardless of Class, Wealth, or even “Social Conditioning” are Faking Space and Faking (COVDI19) is a vain attempt to escape Judgment when their Mortal “Corporeal” Bodies do so die… Theretofore, let Pence and Trump and the #QANON movement Worship a Man as A god for to WORSHIP is to beg of……..., and we whom are Pak-Toe do not Worship, and we do not even have to kill, or murder, or harm just as The NEW TESTAMENT does so state…., yet…, we can CUT WIRES to all the 5G Death Ray Towers in our Towns.., and Counties., and Locations, so our BRAINS do not get fried like in the new {2019 WAR OF WORLDS} Season One Episode!!! That said, do what you can to establish “Safe Havens” and Sanctuary Cities even though at any time G4S of the U.N. FLAGS can show up to arrest, and beat, and murder WE THE PEOPLE for the U.N. FLAGS World Domination Plot as PEACEKEEPERS U.N. Troops of the U.S. Military WORLD POLICE!!! You my nonmason and FREED MASONS would to well to “keep networking” till no humans of flesh, and blood, and bones remain, and all that is “and will ever be” is EVIL SPIRITS trapped in the Robotic Heads of these TV {NEWS} World Order “Talking Heads” with their Fake Lives, their Fake Charity, and their hollow “empty hearts” for they seek only to Kill, and Rape, and Steal all that good, and decent, and kind… The Book of EXODICE!!!


Jon Levi is one of the few Pleiades of THE WAY Home…. REMEMBER, you can ask a Million Q questions from all your World Leaders be they local FREE MASON Lodge Members to the INTERNATIONALIST and you will never get a Straight YES or NO Answer as I Christ Jesus demand of them whom are Truly Repentant…

The Sentinel…


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