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Sniper School - 210a - Load Development - Seating Depth Cloning.mp4

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Published on 05 Jul 2018 / In Firearms

Don't forget to visit https://ballisticxlr.com and get your copy of BallisticXLR/BallisticPRS/BallisticDLR and a support entitlement. Remember to order yourself a set of my nearly indestructible ballistics DOPE tables or any of our other products or services. Your dies were set up when you created your match load, by definition. What about if you lost the adjustment or changed dies? How do you get it back to where it was. Easy. Here Coach covers very briefly getting your cartridge overall length re-set to match your reference cartridge and data. Each match load should have a reference round set aside. This is a round with no powder/primer that you use specifically to set up your dies and take measurements from after a long pause in reloading. Yes, Coach pantomimed some bits of this. We're teaching you one thing at a time with no repetition and no wasted time. Some details simply aren't necessary to reproduce. This is but one classroom lesson in the Sniper School - 210 course. More classes are coming. Press is an RCBS Rockchucker Dies are Hornady New Dimension

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