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Sicilian Police State, Coronavirus Extreme Enforcement, Coming Soon To Your Country

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 169 Views
Published on 16 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Sicilian Police subdue a protester. The White Coats come and sedate him with an injection. Quickly you see the victim fall to the ground.
Sicilian is very different from Italian and Neapolitan, it's like it were another language

The man says: La pandemia doesn’t exist! Take off these masks and go to Rome to protest!
The woman says: They are sedating him, they are lining up, they are searching him, lo están buscando!

so you don't want a vaccine ehhh. well take that

thanks to CB, and Fran

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WakeUpAmerica 2 months ago

This is a nightmare! Where are his human rights? They sedated him like an animal! WTF? WWG1WGA WAKE UP!

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