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SHOT 2015 Air Ordnance SMG 22 Interview with Airgun Expert and Critic Rick Eutsler / AirgunWeb

Published on 03 May 2018 / In People and Blogs

About this Video:
Who doesn't like the idea of a fully automatic gun. Back in the days where I was playing paintball regularly, I always wanted one of those fully automatic models. I got out of that sport before I got the chance to buy one. It's funny how things come full circle. I had the opportunity to work with a new product called the SMG22. Go figure it is a fully automatic .22 caliber, 100 round, belt fed airgun built by Brad Tippmann. The same guys that made my favorite paintball gear are now entering the high powered airgun market. I've had their SMG22 in the shop for some time now and it's a lot of fun once you get through the initial learning curve as there's a lot mechanically going on with this airgun. Once you are loaded and ready to go, it's just a matter of pulling the trigger. After a little less than 9 seconds, you will have dumped 100 pellets into your target. It's way too much fun!

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AirgunWeb is a leader in Airgun Reviews and Information. Airgun Expert and Critic Rick Eutsler, has been testing and reviewing airguns, pellet guns, bb guns, and various airsoft airguns since 2006. As owner of Dog River Design, LLC. (http://www.dogriverdesgin.com) (formerly a division of Dog River Business Solutions, LLC.) Rick has been developing and managing website content, design, and marketing strategies for national and international companies since 1997.

Pellet rifles, airguns, air rifles, bb guns, and airsoft airguns are a great way to develop good shooting skills and firearms safety. Airguns, BB Guns, & Airsoft guns are great tools for target practice, small game hunting, pest control, and maintaining firearms proficiency and discipline. Pellet guns are also great for just having fun shooting targets in the back yard and are much safer and less expensive to operate than traditional firearms. To learn more about airguns, view product reviews, and to find out more about the overall technology of airguns, please visit http://www.airgunweb.com.
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