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Shield Arms Glock 43x/48 Magazines Do They Run?

Tactical Considerations
Published on 13 Mar 2020 / In Film and Animation

I know Glock is not a fan of big changes, and there are engineering and marketing reasons for that. But, really 10 rounds in a 43x or 48 when you could have just did what shield arms did with the 15. Glock has a different design than many other companies with a polymer/metal mag. Many other striker fired set ups come with steel mags and I generally like that. I have nothing against polymer, but I do find my metal mags don't get that expansion the polymer ones do if used often. Shield Arms did us all a solid and made a 15 round magazine for the 43x and 48, what a novel idea no mag extension, just a new mag for roughly the same price as a good extension. I found these fed reliably, gave slide lock on last round, and seated very nicely. The downer they are not ambi as of making this video and you must use a metal mag release. If you try to use polymer you are going to cause issues or possibly catastrophic failure. That edge the mag catch contacts will be eaten alive by a metal mag. Other than that these are nice USA made magazine, actually by a company called Checkmate for Shield Arms. Well done gentlemen Well Done.

Shield Arms Magazines S15

Glock 43x
Glock 43/43x Enhanced Slide Stop Leaver
SSVI Glock 43 Trigger
Overwatch Poly Dat Trigger
Overwatch Aluminum Dat Trigger
Apex Triggers For Slim Frames

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