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Sen. Scott Jensen's Case Dismissed By Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice. - The Del Bigtree Interview

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Published on 19 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

State medical board dismisses two complaints without comment.
Read more: https://www.startribune.com/ph....ysician-senator-says
Del Bigtree: https://thehighwire.com/videos..../coronavirus-the-fro

Sen. Scott Jensen's Case Dismissed By Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice. - The Del Bigtree Interview

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

The Revolutionary War

Knowing we live in A Reproduction of the Real Celestial Sphere what was destroyed in that place that Humans and NonHumans come from, one would think that we Humans and nonHumans would have found a way to reconcile after the War for Independence, and even though this PLACE of Purgatory is not real in the sense that these Bodies we [Celestial Beings] #QANON /_\ share too learn the lesson of a people gone mad, and how WAR IS MURDER leads to The death of a STAR aka Celestial Sphere that is reflected in our Holographic DEAD Moon for all to see as The Awful Horror from the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible, what WE THE PEOPLE we can see at “this stage” of this Virtual Reality Video Game of FACE MASK and Free Mason Lodge Members is that the Humans Leadership works with the nonHuamns from the Other Side of FLAT EARTH to conspire to {kill we all} for EVIL SPIRITS known as Incubus and Succubus “in the minds” of mankind be we human or nonhuman…

Since you think the War of 1776 was between (Humans) [{**}] and nonhumans, you might want to make a trip down to Savanna Georgia where in the “Colonial War” for INDEPENDENCE from Englands Bankers and The Vaticans Romans, We The People had other nations fighting in WORLD WAR ZERO, and there are still monuments at the old PRE MUD FLOOD “Train Repair” Shop for our Land Ships and I am sure even the Sky Ships of Zeppelins as Presented in The Avatar KOREAN Anime of Karra with all them [images] Q’ of this PRE MUD FLOOD World and Pre Mud Flood Tech, and in this, the memorial to the WAR for Independence from England and “The Vatican” had humans from Poland, Ireland, and Haiti fight along side with the UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA to not become what we have today in this {21st Century} / * \ FEDERAL Police Act, and Police State of U.N. Troops in our United States OF America Military, and Police Uniforms making all 50 States, and these Nations SUBJECTS of the U.N. for the USA of nonHumans…

Many of you are raised in the UNDERWORLD Cities called D.U.M.B.S., and many of you are Raised on them 2 CONTINENTS left off of the {U.N. FLAGS} [{*}] Flat Earth World Domination of Humans MAP by these nonhuman entities “in the minds” of mankind be we male and female called Incubus and Succubus in the ESOTERIC World that we {all come from} +=+ even you SOLIDS that are the Hybrid Populations of Half Eagle Blood and Half Snake Blood in the BLOOD LINES of them that did use Ratheaon NASA HARRP and DARPA Trillion Watt Lazers to Rip Open the DOME OF THE ROCK known as “The Rift” in the Great Disaster of the Noah's Floods CATACLYSM in the Epic of Gilgamesh… Since We are living in the Days of Noah Returned, we the people are just living {A REPEAT} /-\ of what happened in the Old Testament, and many other Past Lives Ink on Paper Consonances and Chronicles we keep “repeating” in this SIMULATION known as The Great Work…

Theretofore, do WE THE PEOPLE have [free will] Q+ to make peace anymore???, or are we to allow the UNITED NATIONS to destroy our Home World this Celestial Sphere {we all live in} too prove that The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken can not be Repentant, and that The Source of All Creation and The Source of all Destruction “was right” to create this Celestial Sphere to show us that “nonhumans” are the SNAKE Blood Lines, and that we Humans were the Eagle Blood Lines, but when the U.S. became the U.N. then Both Blood Lines “forsake and forsook” The God of Gods, and The Lords of Lords, and turned A Fucking Machine called S.A.T.A.N. into the A.I. that now controls all U.N. FLAGS ICBM Nuclear “Hydrogen” Atomic HOLOCAUST Weapons.?.?.?.?.?

Johnny Exodice

Now you know as The Oracle for the End of an Age I use the Q – movement to Steal all these TRAITORS being our [Fellow Humans] Q whom have Betrayed us to these nonhuman U.N. FLAGS world leaders, and their PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) JADE HELM 15 World TV {NEWS} World Order that {will conspire} to end this world in 2094 C.E when all the WARS OF WARS have played out in how the Humans, and the nonhuman, and even “their children” these Hybrid Humans that are Half nonhuman with their eyes that go SOLID BLACK are the Hollywood SLAVE Populations…


Heretofore, do not fall for the RED PILL “thoughts” by all these NONHUMAN Qanon Perdition People with No SOULS in them, for they are The Dammed, The Cursed, and the Forsaken “by the” Unknown God of the NEW TESTAMENT… Just say: I don’t need no Stinking Pill be it Red or Blue or even fucking Purple for These CORPORATION U.N. FLAG [Pharmaceuticals] Q` plan too INJECT We Humans and Hybrids with Vaccines from {The Bill} GATES OF HELL Hypodermic Torture Needles, and Trump and Pence MENTAL WARD Red Flag Laws for the Asylums of BAT MAN and The JOKER of POST MUD FLOOD World of 1893 to 1977 as we live in the year 2020!!!

The Sentinel….


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