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Season Ended On Steem Monsters 18 Cards

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Published on 15 Nov 2019 / In Gaming

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Besides The GOLEM Factor...

If you know FLAT EARTH is the Real Celestial Sphere PURGATORY we live in......., and that The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA is The Leviathan of the Super Girl TV Show where not only does NASA Fake Space......, but the FBI Fakes Crimes to make TV Shows like NCIS and Bones....., and the many other Hollow People of Holly Land that is the PRESENTATION of Let us Entertain you!!! Now...., consider this well {my nonmason population} as at least 1/3rd of the world are FREE MASON Lodge members be they Demolay - Jobs Daughters - York Rite - Eastern Stars - Rainbow Girls - Shriners.., and the many other Secret Societies that teach FAKE SPACE., and run the Academies of the United Nations MADE IN CHINA U.S. FLAG... And in that my nonmason, these people and persons whom make up the Teachers, and Preachers, and Doctors, and Lawyers, and Judges, and Military, and Placed ELECTORAL Officials {are all in on the Deception} where they make the Alchemy for the Pills, and Hypodermic Vaccines we do not need, or want as the [nonmason populations] of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION...

That means your City Counsel are FREE MASON, your School Boards are FREE MASON, Your Courts, Your C.O.P.S., Your Doctors and Nurses...., and MENTAL WARD Recipients whom have nothing to do with Recovery from a world run by Gargoyles - Ghouls - GOLEM!!! Think this through for we have been teaching and preaching FLAT EARTH for over 3 years now..., and still the FREE MASON TV Screens only talk about China, and Russia, and India, and Israel, and Brazil, and all the rest as if NASA is still A fact when we the NONMASON POPULATION know there is a Dome of The Rock called {The Firmament} in the Holy Bible, and we also know we are all Immaterial Immortals...., and this place was to be our Vacation from Eternity, but these Demons and Devils whom are Vampires, and Pirates, and Thieves if you will but look up the TRUE Definition of the words I use in my Writ...., then you [will know] they are all liars, and they are faking it all from the CIA to the NSA to the DOD to the FBI where FREE MASON Get placed cause {they are} The Dead Inside...

Now, WE nonmason are still the Majority of the Populace in this world...., but only we nonmason in America and Mexico and FARC {has been wise enough} to hold onto our Bullets and Weapons cause HOMELAND Security has over a Billion Bullets to shoot us down!!!! Moreover, the FREE MASON in FEMA and ICE [do the same] with their INTERNATIONAL Contracts to Kidnap, and Kill, and Break Down children...., and people at the Boarders of OUR 50 States FOR America cause the [United States OF America] is an illegal FREE MASON Act of 1871 Government that we nonmason are {not supposed to know} what that House of Satan the FREE MASON Lodge is actually doing??? They are the ones whom lie about EVERYTHING!!! There is no Space, but there are Hydrogen Bombs!!! There is no DNA, but you are thrown away when FREE MASON Scientist say [the Atom is real] when DNA is ONLY based on this imaginary mathematical Fantasy Work of THEORIES - CONJECTURE - HYPOTHESIS!!!

In this my nonmason populations regardless of your country, you are told to shut up, pay taxes, and OBEY THEIR LAWS, or else the FREE MASON G4S C.O.P.S. aka U.N. Troops {will come for you} if you do not buy MADE IN CHINA Crap of the U.S. Corporation FLAG!!! Get this in your head my people of Pak-Toe... Everyone you see in Religions and High Schools whom are [Teachers and Preachers] are FREE MASON Lodge Members...., and they say: THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, and they know it is not...., and if you argue with your Public Schools {be you} Elementary to Middle School my nonmason, these FREE MASON Teachers will RED FLAG YOU and send you to TRUMPS Mental Wards where you [my nonmason] will be put on Mandatory MEDICATIONS and Vaccines till the day you die...., and you wander why {we take out the trash} known as The Racka???

Johnny Exodice


And Yes As Above So Below??? There are Two Sides to OUR Flat Earths in this Celestial Sphere Purgatory....

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