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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 415 Views
Published on 05 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Half of global population terrorized into martial law lockdowns — learn what’s coming next!

Alex Jones delivers a special Saturday briefing to lay out the latest coronavirus updates, and break down the real reasons why HALF of the world’s population has been subjected to authoritarian martial law measures in the name of combating the Wuhan virus.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

the first begotten of the dead

There are “many thoughts” in this world that to many this place “is called” a Realm……..., and it is truly mind boggling…….., that you can {read a book} +=+ over and over like the Holy Bible to the REPUBLIC by PLATO whom invented “Socrates” just as I create The Teacher……., and the Commander…..., and even Johnny Exodice to Jeppo Jinx…., and yet…., when we are dealing with Spiritual Esoteric Matters..., we sometimes [get bogged down] / * \ in our Corporeal Temporary lives down here in Purgatory “inside our” [{**}} Celestial Sphere as Celestial Beings.., and ponder why when so much “has been spoken” about the FALSE HOODS of our Governments., Our Religions, and all Schools of Thought, why is it FLAT EARTH remains A TRUTH “they live” [{*}] can not destroy??? Have you ever considered we are “all dead” in some deep underground chamber, and that this whole place is a STAGE “for a reason” cause we can not Change the outcome in a SIMULATION that is to be a lesson “of what happened” someplace` somewhere so long and “ancient” that to be born here is a Terrifying Fate???

If you were to research the “many ways” people pass their time, you would find that FAKE SPACE is but one illusion and “delusion” in this PURGATORIUM that is a Recreation of a time, and A place where people “no longer cared” to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, and as we watch the Whole Wide World be put on LOCK DOWN for a lie…., we also know that “many people” are gone, and once this Global Reset is over, even fewer people “will remain” in all lands “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…, and yes, You have every right to FEAR and live in “Trepidation” of the 4 Horse Men of the Apocalypse just as you have “every right” too see that Q is one of them Horse Men…. Moreover, the Q-Anon “were always” FREE MASON Lodge Members bragging, not REVEALING the Secrets of this Occultist “PizzaGATE” Satanic RELIGION, and they are the TROJAN HORSE of the “New World Order” as no one refutes MARTIAL LAW, or Quarantine, or PROJECT BLUE BEAM where Holographic Machines will “make the many” think Outer Space is Real when the MOON has her “own light source” just as The Sun in our FLAT EARTH Reality…

The WAL-MARTS now have “a person” counting you as you walk in….., and the WALMARTS are now set up like Death Camps where “you are forced” to Walk in ONE DOOR, and all other DOORS and EXIT are locked and “Barricaded” just as JADE HELM 15 goes on… No one talks about them WEATHER WEAPON Fires “in Australia” no more…..., but we know the World is coming undone as “no one is able” to Turn off The EDISON Machine of Forced Technology, and no matter the person be it a 4 Star General of “The U.S. Military” to we the nonmason CITIZENS of our Nations, none can STOP what is unfolding.?.?.?.?.? What has happened before, will happen again “when you” are Trapped in a DE-JA-VU Oraborus Curse……., and if your dreams seem even more Vivid, then you are witnessing the many variations “of Attempts” too fulfill the BOOK OF REVEALING as have many others before you, and yet, at this time, we see DEPOPULATION is becoming “Critical” and Machines will replace ALL LIFE in the end of this “Waking Dream” we all share….

You see, I am NOT a Prophet, I am The Oracle for the END OF THIS AGE “and this” TIME LINE connected to The Source of All Creation and All Destruction…….., and you have made “your choice” to do nothing, but let your Nations Police and Military “be used” against you, and round you up, and take you away, and make you SLAVES “to these” FREE MASON Lodges for all time, and in that, you can not “blame me” for your Decisions… Therefore, as Christ Jesus Returned……..., the TESTAMENT Still Stands, My Kingdom “is not” of This World, and you must “look into” your own inner thoughts, and inner Voices, and Commune with “Your Symbiots” too REFLECT on the life you have lived, what you have done for others, and what will “you do now” when the GREYS hunt you, and the “Knock Knocks” come to take you away, and Torture, and Rape you too death “just as” was done to I Christ Jesus on that Cross…..

Johnny Exodice


Check out Trumps EYES in this BLIP, he is a PARASITE PERSON!!!

The Commander~


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