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Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Coverup -- Hampstead (mirrored)

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Published on 21 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

This is a RE-UPLOAD from a show on THROUGH THE BLACK YouTube channel -- an excellent channel. Since the truth often tends to be censored these days, Through the Black has encouraged other channels to upload this video.

Pedophelia and Ritual Abuse Cover Up in UK - Interview with Mother of Two, Ella Draper...but this is an international group and involves those who can pull strings at the tops of the ladders in society, including the court system -- thus, it was covered up.


Free the Hampstead 2 YouTube Channel:

The concealed evidence - Jean Clement's recording:


NOTE: Instead of any proper investigation of their original lengthy, detailed allegations, Alisa & Gabriel later retracted their claims. Given what we now know about the Franklin Cover Up, Jimmy Savile, Sir Edward Heath, the Wikileaks Podesta emails and the global pedophilia & child trafficking ring known as PEDOGATE, it is our belief that Alisa & Gabriel's original testimony was truthful, and that subsequent "retractions" were forced as part of the cover up of this atrocity. But you are welcome to view those retractions here, and judge for yourself:

- Quote from Sean at the SGTreport (and many agree!)

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