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Saint Vladimir of Kiev and the Need to Renew the Face of the Earth

Sensus Fidelium
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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

When Vladimir returned to Kiev, he took upon himself the conversion of his subjects to Christianity. He ordered all the idols of the false gods to be thrown down, chopped to pieces, and some of them burned. The chief pagan god, Perun, was dragged through the mud and thrown into a nearby river. These acts impressed the people with the helplessness of their pagan gods. When the people were told that they should follow Vladimir's example and become Christians they were willingly baptized, even wading into the river that they might the sooner be reached by the priest for baptism. As years past, Vladimir erected the large Church of St. Mary ever Virgin, and eventually the Church of the Transfiguration, both in the city of Kiev. He gave up his bloody warlike career and devoted himself principally to the gentle governing of his people. He established schools, introduced ecclesiastical courts, and became known for his mildness and for his zeal in spreading the Christian faith. From a brutal beast of a man, Vladimir become a gentle lamb. And as an instrument of the Holy Ghost, he renewed the face of Kiev and was the first Russian ruler to embrace the true Faith.

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