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Safire Project Plasma Reactor

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Published on 09 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

Aureon Energy Ltd. has updated the SAFIRE video on the home page of the website (www.aureon.ca) with new footage to emphasize the commercial application of the SAFIRE PROJECT experiment as a nuclear plasma reactor.
Recently the European Commission (EC) validated the value and application of Hydrogen Metal Energy (HME) and stated: “First experiments have shown that the total heat energy produced exceeds by many orders of magnitude the chemical…”
NASA has been working on a Lattice Confinement Fusion (LCF) method by which nuclear fusion will occur: “In the new method, conditions sufficient for fusion are created in the confines of the metal lattice that is held at ambient temperature.”
HME and LCF are resulting in elemental transmutations also observed in the SAFIRE reactor.
Aureon Energy Ltd. will be focused on refining the inputs and control systems to facilitate these reactions for commercial energy applications.
The framing of the language around these new reactions is evolving as science learns more. Aureon with the SAFIRE reactor is on the cutting edge of this new frontier.
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