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The Last American Vagabond

Russia City Bear Attack.mp4

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Published on 19 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Russia City Bear Attack.

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no0negun 2 months ago

Wow! Bears are awesome but that thing was on the rampage. I think he found the city to be un-bear-able.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


Taking by chance you have a SKY CLOCK app on your Cell Phone that is the Celestial Sphere “Constellations” STAR Charts of fake NASA in this SIMULATION Prison, they live keep us locked into, and in that, if we do not learn to THINK FOR OUR SELVES, then THEY LIVE always will….


This Post must be for all the “Magical People” and their symbiots!!! Q-Ball…


For if you know I am born under the “Cymbal” of VIRGO, then you must know why the stars do parallax!!!


Once you conceive we live inside a CELESTIAL SPHERE as Celestial Beings “in these” TEMPORARY Bodies, then this place of [Purgatory] might make more sense….


Now that I The Oracle for the end of this age have freed ALL GODS!!! Be they male and female, surely you can hear THE HOLLOW WORDS “of the” #QANON movement!!! Let us all say it together class…….


Their FREE MASON Words are hollow my FREED MASONS and nonmason, do not FEAR THEM!!!



I got to 10:41 before all my Butterflies Flied out!!!! That said, this is SEX MAGIC and it will be used to DEPOPULATE “even more” humans as when we do not [do intercourse] and fucking, we do not REPRODUCE our own “clones” for without Babies and Blood Lines, all is lost…


These are NOTHING more then Jack Shacks for boys isolated from FEMALE Touch and this crime of SECLUSION – ISOLATION – HOUSE ARREST is total fucking bull shit when THEM Fucking FREE MASON Towns Elders live off my fucking WELFARE known as County, City, State, and even fucking FEDERAL TAXES!!!! Fuckkk ALL These Traitors!!!!!

The Society of nonmason~

I can feel your RAGE!!! I coulda have done anything with my life, and NOT WHAT THEY TOLD ME TO BE!!! Keep your anger, it keeps The EDISON Machine of Forced SLAVE LABOR Technology useless on you, and be like me a Happy and Angry Buddah~ at the same time!!!!


Mabka - she`- ahh|: Without Will, there is none…


All this world can do is SELL CRAP and LIES and that is the basic common life of any freemason to lie and lie and lie for paper to buy stuff they will not SHARE!!!! In that there is NO VIRUS. But not one PERSON of Dignity to ORGANIZE and TELL IT LIKE IT IS THAT THE EARTH IS FLAT AND ALL YOUTUBE IF JUST DISTRACTION = PROPAGATION, and PROGRAMMING!!!! I am a Human God Dammit and I will not allow anyone or THING to say we do not live on FLAT EARTH!!!!


The Joker~

The Green Hat`


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2020-07-12 12-32-24.mp4
The Last American Vagabond