RUGER Mini-14 new scope sight-in fail! (Las Vegas) 03-14-2020

Published on 15 Mar 2020 / In Firearms

Purchased a new Sightron STAC 3-16x42mm with the MOA reticle and Warne quick detach rings for my old RUGER MINI-14. Things started out good until the front scope ring loosened up which I hadn't noticed until I had used up all the ammunition. The older Mini-14 has a reputation for mediocre accuracy so I kept thinking it was just the rifle. I now believe the rifle can shoot much better than what I was getting after finding the loose scope ring. Will take the rifle back out soon and verify!

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no0negun 4 months ago

Mini 14’s are so cool. I like all platforms but there is something very cool about the Minis and they look amazing. I believe your flash suppressor was made by Ramline.
Thanks for the cool vid.

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NVDESERTPETE 4 months ago

Wow! That rings a bell for sure! I'm pretty sure you're right! Thanks!

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