Retro FC Gameboy Clone Review

Nash Rathbone
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Published on 04 Nov 2018 / In Film and Animation

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I'd like to thank GearBest for sending in this little games consul 👍👍 V V V V- Product Links Below -V V V V

This takes me back to the mid 1990s when I purchased an original Gameboy, I had loads of fun with games like Universal Soldier, Mario Golf (???!!!) and my favourite Zelda: Links Awakening.

This games console look very much like the old Gameboy but with a few changes like a rechargeable battery, some extra buttons and a lead to connect it to your TV.

I never was much good at video games and it shows here!! If you like retro games you might very well like this. The consul itself is made from quite good materials and has a colour, backlit, screen. The original Gameboy had a reflective greyscale screen.

I've had quite a bit of fun with this even though I am hopeless (I'm only 1/1024 gamer) but it may very well bring back some memories for you.
No pigs were hurt during the making of this review.

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