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Raid On Roger Stone Is Just Another Attempt To Overthrow Trump

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Published on 08 Feb 2019 / In News and Politics

Gerald Celente of Trends Research joins Alex Jones live via Skype to give his take on the recently surfaced footage of Roger Stone's unethical raid by the FBI, and he makes the broad point that this whole farce is just another attempt to overthrow President Trump.

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dava 1 year ago

The CIA should be in Latin America stopping the illegals? true, but they are to busy in propping up the NAZI LOVING, Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine. the USA NEEDS OUT OF NATO and out of Ukraine, also.Put the sanctions on the UK, not Russia. this is what makes America so hated they are supporting a George Soros illegal puppet President in Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. THEY ARE THE AGGRESSORS INVADING RUSSIAN BORDER LANDS. NATO nonsense in the USA is coming from sold out leaders that listen to the real enemy, the Zionist, EU controlled UK... this is NATO... this is are CIA. Why is it that the only thing getting done in America is the BS NATO CRAP Against Russia and the disarming of legal gun owners. almost forgot that taxpayers get to pay for the killing of babies BECAUSE of the selfishness and mindless woman.... WHO REALLY WON THE 2016 Presidential race? Why are we not in a Civil War. These people are growing in numbers. Voting is fixed, corrupted. What are the So called Leaders waiting for? Are leaders in the highest offices compromised. Our government is doing the same thing again. Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela. it is all about Zionist IMF pipe lines and energy. I would not mind this if we got cheaper energy rates, but we will not. Hell we can not control the Communists in our country.

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