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Radiocarbon Found in Another Dinosaur Fossil that Supports the Biblical Flood.

Patrick Chesbro
Patrick Chesbro - 149 Views
Published on 19 Aug 2019 / In Film and Animation

How's it going guys? This is Peet from the FreedomInGod channel.

So, testable predictions have been made according to the creation based thinking. One of them is, if Noah’s Flood formed dinosaur and other fossils only 4,500 or so years ago, then they may still contain measurable amounts of the short-lived radioactive isotope carbon-14—also called radiocarbon.
On the other hand, any fossil deposited before the limit of carbon-14 longevity (which is around 100,000 theoretical years) would have no carbon-14 left. Now, a team of secular scientists used radiocarbon to argue against the preservation of dinosaur collagen, but without knowing it affirmed the Biblical Flood option.


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

You might want to look into MUD FLOODS and the {Great Nuclear Hydrogen WAR} that was Wrote out of History in the 1853 to 1910 TIME LINE of this Celestial Sphere we [Celestial Beings] live inside... Q+ The Pen`

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