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Racism and Civil Unrest: The Christian's Response? | KFW 2020

Mike Fulmer
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Published on 18 Sep 2020 / In People and Blogs

In a time of national reckoning when racism dominates the media, this message presents a unique perspective that God’s people are challenged to embrace. How should followers of Jesus respond to the polemic positions of individualism versus structuralism? How can Antioch be a lesson for the church today? Is peacemaking an escape from conflict, or an engagement among a hostile society? Learn how to effectively dialogue with those of diverse backgrounds, and ultimately reconcile a distressed world to the Prince of Peace. In this presentation, Finny Kuruvilla presents kingdom solutions to the evils of racism.

Recommended: “A Biblical Perspective on Racism” (related presentation by Finny to compliment this sermon) - https://youtu.be/4CpMaC8KwAA

Discussion questions:

1. Is your natural inclination toward individualism or structuralism and why?
Have you observed racism? If not, how would you accurately discern how pervasive racism is, outside your experience?

2. Have you observed tendencies in your own heart to look down on others because of their ethnicity? How might you guard your heart from a lack of compassion? Remember that love “does not rejoice in iniquity…[but] believes all things, hopes all things.”

3. Pursuant to being a peacemaker, are you situated in places of conflict? If not, how can you practice peacemaking in places of unrest? What practical steps can you take to live out the gospel in a multi-ethnic setting?

4. Jesus had table fellowship with people from every walk of life (nationalistic Zealots, prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.). We often speak of following Jesus–how does this diversity of fellowship match your current lifestyle? Or is your experience more homogeneous and comfortable? How might you improve on this? How can you engage in System II dialogue and win people of diverse backgrounds to the truth?

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