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Johnny Exodice
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Published on 06 Jun 2020 / In Film and Animation

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This film is presented by General Motors (:04) and it is composed of two films, the first being “All things Considered”. This first segment focuses on the year 1975. As the Clean Air Act had been established in 1970, fuel costs and emission standards became a deciding factor in purchasing vehicles. A couple goes over finances (:18) with items such as annual fuel costs and maintenance being of most importance. In 1975 GM developed new efficiency systems to keep operating costs low (:47). The catalytic converter was added which was full of pellets that as exhaust fumes flowed through the pellets would convert carbon monoxide and hydro carbon into harmless fumes (1:28). These converters were installed into all models directly as result of the need to meet California and Federal emission standards. All of their 1975 models were to use unleaded gas (1:54), which was able to lengthen the life of spark plugs to 22,500 miles. The time between oil changes went up to 75,000 miles (2:17). A special nozzle had been designed to prevent usage of the wrong fuel (2:25) though the catalytic converter was still able to take one full gallon of leaded gas before damage (2:35). In the event it was damaged, only the pellets would have to be replaced (2:46). The high energy ignition system contained single wire leads to the ignition and spark plugs (3:07). The new systems again lead to simplified tunings up to 22,500 miles compared to every 6,000 miles previous models (3:44). The torque converter re-calibrator is shown (4:16). The GM steel belted radial tires also added to fuel mileage (4:36) and they are seen tested. The film then switches to an advertisement the 1975 Monte Carlo (5:46). The Monte Carlo was first manufactured in 1970 and continued on and off until 2007. 1974 was the peak year for sales of this model; afterwards they dropped off slightly due to the catalytic converter requiring more expensive unleaded gas. Two versions were available; the Monte Carlo Coupe (6:17) and a Monte Carlo Landau; which had initially come out in 1973 (6:21). New for the 1975 model’s interior features were cloth or vinyl molded foam bench seats (6:37), electric clock (6:54), AM/FM radio, AM/FM stereo radio and tape player, air conditioning (7:18), comfort tilt steering wheel (7:22), automatic cruise control (7:25) and a power slide roof (7:41). Rubber cushions were added to the mounted frame in order to lower vibrations and noise (8:11). The side guards (8:17) and roof was made with steel (8:37). Exterior features also included the radial ply tires, front disk brakes (9:22), and the radial tuned independent coil suspension (9:29). Chevy’s efficiency system included the catalytic converter (10:03), air induction system (10:11) and early fuel evaporation system (10:22). Available features include the positive traction rear axle (10:43), a heavy-duty suspension (10:58), and an “Econominder” gauge package which showed whether or not the driver was using too much gas. The film wraps up with a montage of the varying models available (11:23). After the Chevy Logo (11:49) and at the final screen (11:58) the words “splice here” appear and this was where a film splicer would be used to marry two lengths of film together.

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