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"71" Camaro Restomod 06D Driver Side Upper Door Hinge 10-01-2020

Published on 02 Oct 2020 / In Cars and Vehicles

Replaced the bushings on the driver's lower side hinge and thought that the upper hinge was still good but discovered it to had some slop too. Decided to replace the hinge with a brand new OER restoration hinge. There was a minor fitment issue but otherwise appears to be a decent hinge. Time will tell. I also bought a rebuild kit for the factory OEM upper and lower hinges for both the drivers and passenger side so that I will have a set of factory spares.

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NVDESERTPETE 19 days ago

I grew up with a 68 Chevelle SS396 4 speed when I joined the Navy out of High School. I then also bought a 69 El Camino SS396 automatic right before I got out of the Navy on my first hitch. I ended up putting a large port 427 in the El Camino. Sure wish I would have kept both of them. 10 miles per gallon on a good day though! Lol!

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TwoFeather 19 days ago

Wish I still had my old cars. Had a 71 Chevelle SS and a Mustang Mach 1 with 429 CJ.

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