Qanon May 29, 2020 - Nobody Escapes This

Praying Medic
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Published on 29 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Q reminds us that no matter how powerful a person may be, they will not escape justice.

Q Chronicles Book 1 - Calm Before the Storm:


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Declassified General Flynn transcripts:

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davin 1 month ago

i no longer buy into the bull shit, 4 years and the only one who got put down was no name, trump is the 45th DECEPTION i voted him in now i will no longer vote for any of them they have the bag of imported M&Ms the mexicans and muslims to vote, trump is just running the clock out and no one will pay the price except us the little people, who are willingly giving up their freedoms and following Q like the pie pipper

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