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Qanon May 16, 2020 Time to Stand

Praying Medic
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Published on 17 May 2020 / In News and Politics

It's time to take a stand against corrupt politicians and the dishonest press.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Commander…, what is the POSSESSION “of the masses” that they will not talk, or debate FLAT EARTH, or that NASA “Faked” all the Moon landings` from Corbett Report to so many….., so called TRUTHER BOTS.?.?.?.? Well, if they did not have a STAKE in protection of these FREE MASON Lodge Members, then all People from [Richie From Boston] to {The Truth Is Stranger Then Fiction} to the DEMOLAY – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls…….., and all of these so called RESISTORS…….., the reason they do not TEACH or “Explain” FLAT EARTH Principles……., and the overwhelming PROOF we have {never landed} [{**}] on the moon…..., nor Russia or China….., or any nation has ever “left this” SOLAR SYSTEM that God did not rest on the 7th Day…., and then G.O.D. (Made The Solar System on the 8th day.?.?.?) is because it is all a Satanic Lie..., and people like “Corbett Report” show you that God Dammed GLOBE cause they are with the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges just as “AMTV” does his part.., and many others to say: This is what is coming., this is what is happening, and YOU WILL COMPLY cause we are “telling you” YOU CAN NOT STOP IT!!!!! Therefore, when you watch any YouTUBE that “does not” [{*}] explain MUD FLOODS – Cataclysm – Celestial Sphere Knowledge, it is only because “THEY LIVE” want to keep you Trapped in PURGATORY……., so when you die, you REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT just as all the Dammed, and Forsaken, and Cursed “PEOPLE” / * \ can not say: The EARTH IS FLAT, or they are faking Space, and “they are” MACHINE PEOPLE taking over THE Whole Wide World by way of 5G Eugenics…., and as we allow them TOWERS “to stand” /_\ and Microwave our children into Submissive SLAVE POPULATIONS of “Social Distancing” and CONTACT TRACING…..., people like “Corbett Report” DO NOT Say: Here is THE WAY!!!! They want to talk and talk and talk just like “ALEX JONES” does till you have become NORMALIZED and “Adjusted” +=+ to your NEW PROGRAMMING!!!! Any one who will not teach and preach FLAT EARTH of MUD FLOODS “in our” Celestial Sphere is in on the PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) World Domination Plot of FREE MASONS in the Media, in the Governments, Religions, and in YOUR FACE saying, we can’t say THE EARTH IS FLAT cause we are not REAL PEOPLE….., we are just “Robotic” TALKING POINTS…..., so you will allow FORCED VACCINES, and you will not kill your “town leadership” in SECRET cause if you kill all the FREE MASON……., then there is no more POLITICAL CLASS and “all people” will be free as Antonymous Sovereign Persons “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and that is why “none of them” SAY: THE EARTH IS FLAT, and your GOVERNMENTS are all in on the lie!!!! Just as not even RICHIE FROM BOSTON “will say” the words SEDITION – Treachery – High Treason cause then he is making a “LEGAL” PUBLIC STATEMENT to arrest your GOVERNMENT as TRAITORS and Betrayers “to their” and his OATH OF OFFICE!!!!

Know this my nonmason populations…..

The Green hat`


Corbett Report NEVER Says they are “committing” SEDITION and all these PEOPLE and PERSONS need to be Arrested and “Hung for Treachery” to we The Human Populations cause they are all doing PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING on you!!!!

Same old song and dance my friends!!!!

The Commander~

Just know this…, the whole thing of (COVID19) is to make everyone forget about FLAT EARTH!!!!


We have been invaded by INTERDEMENSIONAL Robotic “Esoteric” Beings, and they feed off of our HUMAN EMOTIONS no matter [whom they are] on TV and Movies and even INTERNET!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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adlund 2 months ago

I prefer to watch your videos here, but I miss the video portion. Is the Beta not passing the video through?

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CoreDeep 2 months ago

audio only?

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