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Qanon June 19, 2020 - End Goal? Government Control

Praying Medic
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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Q reminds us that the end goal of those driving the current narrative is global control.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Tonight is a NEW MOON and Tomorrow is The Summer Solstice…….., and this is what your GOVERNMENT whom live off your “Taxes” and have put you NONMASON on WELFARE with their Fake (COVID19) CORPORATE take over of all U.N. FLAGS that your flag is just [one of many] /_\ UNITED NATIONS Flags of MADE IN CHINA!!!

Also, why are Chinese considered {WHITE PEOPLE} with their White Skin when they got BLACK Hair, and Black Pupils like “Bug” Eyed People.?.?.?.?, but we Dark Skin “Brown Eyes” and Black Hair People still get called BLACK when only our Hair is Black……, and not our skin tone???

This June-Teen-th……. Is total fucking BULL SHIT cause only the Demolay – Jobs Daughters, and Rainbow Girls put on TV SHOWS as “Crises Actors” of Antifa and BLACK LIVES MATTER, but never do these groups say: Dark Brown Skin People are “Native Born” U.S. Citizens, and BLACK is not a Race or A People, and “Africans” are NOT Native Born to these Americas!!!! Just sayin….

The Sentinel…


Go watch this Crap……, and tell them [COVID19] is TOTAL Fucking Bull Shit “Lies and LAIRS” of the FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns, so FUCK THEM ALL!!!!

You know the worst part about all this “is them” ALL MAKING MONEY off we NONMASON been put out of WORK By these FREE MASON Lodges “of them” 192 U.N. FLAGS!!!! I am just SICK OF IT….., and I'm Sick of them!!! Stupid Fucking TV “TALKING Heads” Fucking FREE MASON LIARS!!! LIARS!!! LIARS!!!!!!!!!!

The Society of nonmason~

We R not Africans or Black, we are DARK SKIN native born U.S. Citizens....


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