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Qanon Drops 5/19/20 Playing Chess WWG1WGA

Clark - 103 Views
Published on 19 May 2020 / In News and Politics

Latest Q drops as of 5/19/20 Check out the youtube link in this video, proof positive that biden is corrupt. WWG1WGA

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Weatherlawyer 2 months ago

You are absolutely rifgr avout Chinese Cpmmunism. I went into a large tool superstore looking for a decent new hand saw. All they had were the one brand of a well known type the type that stops cutting squarethe third time you use it. I am not saying they were all made in China but I remember the Diston saw then it became Sandvik which was still a good saw then it became bahco still OK now they are no longer on sale in B&Q.What the hell happened?
It is the same with light bulbs they are low powered, dull and you have to but a new one every bloody month or two.

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