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Q - Hello Madam Secretary...[Clinton] Email Scandal DECLAS

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 60 Views
Published on 11 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

In this episode, we dive into the most recent Patriot17 posts and what looks like the coming Declas of HRC's Deleted Emails.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 days ago

Teacher…, What leads one into ETERNAL Damnation??? That is quite a Question, and it would be important if we were not already in Purgatory reliving the lives of them that destroyed their Celestial Sphere known as Earth… Now that we know we are in Purgatory, we would do better to say: Can I save anyone other then myself whence I die, and is this place somewhere where We The People can give hope, and joy, and release from all the Lies – illusions - Delusions of this TV {NEWS} World Empire??? I would like to think we can influence “others” too know them selves, and teach them that we all have Spirits, and Souls, and Symbiots, and that we need not fear “all people” whose EYES go SOLID BLACK… For even these SOLIDS are contained within the Host of the Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body Temple Avatars just as OUR PERSON, and our Celestial Being is only able to “participate” in this world because of These Human Bodies… It should be quite evident that once you know to MURDER another, it is The Crime, and too choose to beat, and hit, and hurt another: it is The Crime, and yet, our World Leaders whom all PLAY THE GAME of these U.N. Flags say: You must go kill, and murder, and hit, and hurt our “fellow humans” cause their Flag is not the same as this Flag, and if my life must be reduced down to a Piece of Cloth with Colored Specs on it……., and if this FLAG says: You must Kill other Humans cause THIS FLAG is more important than “human life” and birth and children, and YOU WILL Drop Bombs on people whom have “never” harmed you or your people, well then, you tell me nonmason, at what point is the FLAG “committing” The Crime.?.?.?, and not we the People??? How long Paul The Apostle put up with Fools and Faggots as Christ Jesus on the Run, and even when Jesus became Peter The Rock and had “Children” with his Wife Mary Magdalene at that point he was a much older man then the 33 year old Christ whom We did get off the Cross of Crucifixion, and how it must have made Jesus Weep to see his “Teachings” turned into a Religion of Division where in the 21st Century there are Thousands of So called “Churches” Dedicated to Christ Jesus that PREACH as the Catholics, and Mormons, and Baptist to Presbyterian to all these interdenominational that say and Teach and PREACH: it is O.K. For one whom “loves” Jesus too Kill, and Murder people doing WAR IS MURDER.?.?.? Why in the name of God would anyone whom knows WE ARE ALL ONE that it is “alright” for this One to harm That One cause they are Poor, and They Are Rich??? For all my faults as the {Host Body} of Christ Jesus Returned, I do not choose to condemn WE THE PEOPLE for drinking, or having babies, or paying for sex, to even doing Drugs when all these “things” can be done safely within OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition… However, maybe you would do well to ask these FREE MASON Lodge Members them Humans and their Churches of SATAN why they run all the Courts, all the Military Weapons, all The Religions, All the Schools of Thoughts, and be they [Rich or Poor] MASONS’ THEY LIVE will not let WE THE PEOPLE aka WE ARE “Legalize” Drugs so no more of We The People have to go to Jail or Prison for doing “substance” to our TEMPORARY Mortal Corporeal Bodies, Ask them Why must I be locked up for paying for “Sexual” Pleasure and Enjoyment when me and the other “person” are in agreement.?.?.?, and then ask them: WHY MUST I KILL and MURDER my fellow “people” cause you gave these brothers and sisters of mine an U.N. FLAG that does not match my U.N. FLAG??? You see…, the U.N. International “Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodges is the reason we humans die in all wars…..., we are thrown away for paying a person to enjoy sexual release, and we spend 20 years “or more” for selling a substance that they legally say: WE CAN Force you to get the (COVID19) Alchemist Pharmaceutical [Drugs] @QBALL /_\ INJECTIONS, but if you Inject Heroin to ease your misery…..?, These FREE MASON C.O.P.S. will capture you, and throw you away in Prison for LAWS We The “nonmason” Populations have no say in… Think what you want about these Matters, but without the Ability to Create The LAW and ORDER then only the LAWLESS ONES rule over we the “Tax Paying” nonmason Citizens whom have NO SAY in these illegal cruel FREE MASON Lodge Members: Courts, and Magistrates, and Mental Wards… The Book of EXODICE

Never Forget my People of Pak-Toe: We the nonmason populations have always been ruled by The Racka in Mathew 5 known as these Tyrants, and Demons, and Angels known as these Local ENFORCERS called Devils of these FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns, and these MASONS are why you nonmason TAX PAYING Citizens have “NO SAY” in the LAWS, or the Elections of people where you live for these MASONS control it all “no matter” what U.N. FLAG you “scream” and shout USA USA USA!!!

When the Fucking U.S.A. is just one more SLAVE STATE U.N. FLAG called the “World Police” FREE MASON PEACEKEEPER U.N. Troops of this world of The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, so blend is “as we must” for Purgatory does not last forever…., and for you whom will live on till 2094 C.E. at the END OF TIME: do your best to snatch whatever “Humans” that remain from the Clutches of Hell that are these MONSTERS, and Pirates, and Thieves whom “preach” on the TV Screen: Come and Join OUR Military, and Volunteer “to do” WAR IS MURDER too your fellow human beings be they male and female, young too old, for we will “teach you” how to kill your own kind’ because THEIR FLAG is not our FLAG in this Phonographic “Virulent” Virtual Reality TV Life known as PURGATORY…….., and you will be “damned to hell” cause you Listened too Incubus and Succubus in our Human Flesh, and Blood, and Bones forms “rather” then your own Humane Constitution to do no harm!!!

The Sentinel…


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