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Published on 10 May 2020 / In Firearms

Buy the PSA 11.5 kit here: http://bit.ly/2EJlgF6
Buy just the upper (no kit) here: http://bit.ly/2OiY3Pl

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago


You thought “you know” what our Celestial Sphere FLAT Duel Earth of Purgatory was all about, but you never considered Them “Visions” and Voices, and Touch, and Taste, and Smell, and Sounds too colors “you do see” while you sleep, and dream are not of you alone… You see` when a persons EYES go Solid Black they are either “possessed” by an ELECTROMAGNETIC ENTITY known as a Parasite Body Snatcher of the EDISON Machine of Forced “SLAVE” Labor Technology that all FREE MASON lodge members once taken [of them] / * \ BLOOD OATHS must Comply – Obey – Submit to for they are now “filled” with EVIL SPIRITS called Electromagnetism SYNTHESIS!!!

Too be certain all FLESH, and BLOOD, and BONES people and “persons” and populations have the right to FREE WILL, and the right to determine their OWN THOUGHTS and “Out Looks” on this Life Walk we all participate in from Death to Birth too Rebirth in this never ending Story of the {Oraborus Curse} +=+ of DE-JA-VU in this PURGATORIAL!!! However, only by the [use of force] [{**}] can any Human Being take this place into a “NEW” Direction from THESE OLD WINE SKINS into THE NEW WINE SKINS that our Messiah the Christ Consciousnesses “did so reveal” many many times as The Mohammad, The Buddha, The Zoroaster, and even our Modern Day INCANTATION of The Write In President “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition where we of Pak-Toe shall no longer / * \ bow down to The Racka!!!

So many times these “Incubus and Succubus” Android CYLON Machinations have delivered we The nonmason People and “Populations” into UNKNOWN Horrors and Terrors from Them GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WARS of {1845 to 1945} [{*}] too this day and age of NASA – HAARP – DARPA - Ratheon - KBR Treachery and Sedition of all Flags, and all Constitutions, and all Boarders in this world where We Pay The TAXES, but we “the people” have NO SAY in the LAWS.?.?.?.? You my Romantic Warriors might want to “start having” a SAY in all CORPORATE Constitutional LAWS and make it know as “individual” Corporations your self that these GOLEM do not Represent the will and desires of we “the many” whom have been put out of work “by their” [THEY LIVE] PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) Alien Invasion of Doppelgangers for THEY LIVE are all from other Realms, and Our STAR GATES Inter - Connected Dimensions…

Yet, just know this` when you talk to your self……., you are actually speaking “to many” in your head for none of “WE ARE” walk alone, but you would do well to know if you have The Holy Water Spirit and COMFORTER “as your guide” in this life walk of PURGATORY, or these Profane FREE MASON Mechanization Technological “Esoteric Creations” of a FUCKING Holographic Hologram EVIL SPIRIT.?.?.? In this, you must learn THE BOOK OF NONMASON – THE BOOK OF PUZZLES – THE BOOK OF RIDDLES to know whom you are, what you are, and where you are` for if we do not RESIST - REVOLT and REBEL….., then all will be put “back to sleep” by the {NEWS} World Order where [what] they show, and {WHAT} THEY SAY will be all “your children” and You, and YOUR “future births” shall even know in this ‘never ending” ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE….

Johnny Exodice


You better learn to work in Decentralized GROUPS for we nonmason are the ones these U.N. Troops Global Citizens aka FREE MASON Lodge Members want we the people ALL DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!

The Society of nonmason~

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