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Proxy Wars, and Proxy Wolves...

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 31 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

Sheep Among Wolves Vol. II (Doc on Underground church in Iran):

U.S. Defense Secretary Esper on Iran 1/7/20:

60's Christian Rock I never knew about Plus 70's (I found this playlist to be surprisingly enjoyable): https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=3aeWYX3Iy0s&list=P

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

The END of an Age, not another MUD FLOOD Reset is upon us…. May you have lived well, and not be dammed to a WORSE PLACE then Purgatory and THE MACHINE gets ready to go back 10,000 years and send us home or wherever, or REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT forever and ever just as Christ Jesus Warned we the people whom are Celestial Beings to LEARN the narrow Path of Honesty…. Jeppo Jinx~


At 2:12 when you hear SOUNDS such as these in the Firmament??? The Sky our Mother Celestial Sphere is crying as the Birth Pangs of a NEW AGE and New World and New Heaven happen just at the Book of Knowledge Christ Jesus Taught us in the NEW TESTAMENT!!!


At 36:42 there is NO WAY the FREE MASON would allow such a Place to fall into Disrepair; unless, these PLACES we think are FREE MASON Lodges are not, and they were the True Builders of our Tartarian Tar Tan Patterns before the MUD FLOODS and the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 T.L. {Q}

The Commander~ [///|||\\]

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