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Proper Pistol Grip - BACK TO BASICS - Part 2

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Published on 08 Nov 2018 / In Firearms

If you want have the best chance to shoot well and consistently, properly gripping the firearm is essential. It really DOES make a huge difference.

Video and Production: Kelly-Charles Pidgeon,
Warning: This is a firearms video. Please treat all firearms as if they are loaded and always keep them pointed in a safe direction.
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RC123 3 months ago

Good demonstration,thanks.

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One Plusphi
One Plusphi 4 months ago

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 9 months ago

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SkeezyBreez 12 months ago

Very Informative. Thank You.

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ArmedAndFeminine 12 months ago

Thank you for saying so!

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Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 12 months ago

My Wife watches all your videos. She won't listen to me. Lol!

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ArmedAndFeminine 12 months ago

Sorry... ;)

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