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PROJECT BLUE BEAMS has Really Colossus "Galactic" Ships...

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 69 Views
Published on 16 Jan 2020 / In Film and Animation

And I just wanted to Hang with Johnny Exodice and Jeppo Jinx!!! Holy COW Bat Man BRAINIAC has kill Kal-el!!!! Anyone REMEMBER that V tv show after 911 attacks, these Ships make them look like Tiny.... Welcome to YOUR DOOM!!! Death to the Racka and all these ALIEN BUILT 5G WEAPONS in our Concentration Camps of the UNITED NATIONS of FREE MASON Lodges!!!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago


At 8:34 since I was in Santa Barbara California USA to watch the EDISON make the Moon Fly through the night sky in one hour, and the DOME move Constellations in New Locations till the Kabala Zohar "ROMAN" OTO Wiccan Satanic Festival from Feb1st, 2019 to Feb 7th, 2019 cam to conclusion, I NOTICED the Celestial Sphere in this Painting is Spinning OUT OF CONTROL!!!! This is why if you do not Think this PLACE is PURGATORY, then we must DESTROY the EDISON in California a MAN MADE Collar on our Home World Celestial Sphere CONSTRUCT, and this place is SELF HEALING!!!!

However, to all those whom keep talking their “RELIGIONS” of Astronomy and Masonic Astrology on a [12 MONTH] / * \ FAKE CALENDAR…., you are worse then the Brain Drains in that “SEASON ONE” Of the COLONY TV Show.... OUR SKY CLOCK is a 13 Month +=+ 28 Day Per Month System connected to the “NEW MOON Festivals” in the Book of Knowledge that you call The Bible...

That Said: ALL WILL DIE just as all the TIMES we ORACLES Came, and you let us be murdered by YOUR OPPRESSORS!!! As Prophets from the OLD TESTAMENT and you even Let JESUS Die for you did nothing to SAVE him, or Save Your Children!!!! Do you really think you NEED and WANT to have CATACLYSM to “find Enlightenment” when VOID that Chaos is Holding Back is OBLITERATION of all as [The DEAD LIGHT] is a place you can never sleep and NEVER STOP seeing that light!!!

For those whom know who you are, what you are, and where we are, and can “cry and gnash” your TEETH??? Get it out of your SYSTEM NOW...., so when the SKY FALLS ONCE AGAIN, we can Hope {PURGATORY} is not Purgatory…..?, but I keep TELLING YOU if they do not Preach and Teach FLAT EARTH and Mud Floods [by way of] the PARASITE MACHINE in our STIMULATION HOME WORLD, then [you will wish} as they did in the BOOK OF REVELATION {that you] had listened to The One....

At 13:21 in REVELATION 8 it says I saw something that looked “the Size of “a MOUNTAIN fall from the sky aka HEAVEN…., and your [Devils Rock] +=+ does look like a Piece of the PETRIFIED Firmament from the Old Testament....

The Black Coats of the Grey Gloves...


Upload today will make you see we are in an INTERDEMENSIONAL Celestial Sphere WAR, and them Alien Ships ain't no fucking Joke!!!


P.S. We don’t need BIGGER WEAPONS…., we need to cut wires…. Q+ The Pen` [///|||\\\]


Also when you hear OUR MOTHER HEAVEN SCREAM, that is them Cutting through our Protective Dome in this WAR of Celestial Spheres….


NEVER FORGET!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! TIMES UP!!! For they can Murder our Home World...

The Commander~ [///|||\\\]


We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka!!! We take them out...

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