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President Trump Signs an Executive Order on missing Indigenous women and children

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 290 Views
Published on 26 Nov 2019 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

When THE MACHINE controls it all….

For life time upon life time……., we have {been trapped} in This PURGATORY with endless wars…..., and suffering….., and sadness…., and even if [you have moments] +=+ of ECSTASY..., it does not last??? Those FREE MASON Lodge members {whom think} THEY LIVE Command and Control this CELESTIAL SPHERE home world {we all live in} / * \ where It is so very old.., and for generation upon generations [we have had] [{**}] Kingdoms come and Go… Nations Come and Go… Things – Stuff – People {come and go} [{*}] and no matter how many eons [we are born] in this place, we never rise above these BULL SHIT lives {we all} continue to live??? Therefore, since THE EDISON in Santa Barbara [CALIFORNIA USA] does not belong my nonmason POPULATIONS what are we [going to do] to destroy this Collar on our PURGATORIUM where These FREE MASON are actually just {SLAVES to The Machine} with all their brutality, and cruel wars of Lies, and Deceptions…

The RULE OF LAW {is made for} these GOLEM Machine People…., not we HUMANS of Biological Decent…. Forever the LAWS have killed {and harmed and hurt} we the people of FLESH and Blood and Bones in our AVATAR Temple Bodies, where [they give us] Identification in ALL CAPS meaning that {Piece of Plastic} your Drivers License…., and now A U.S. [INTERNATIONAL I.D. Card] has your NAME in all caps cause THE MACHINE sees you as A CORPORATION…., and since we are [all born] The Natural Person, why do we allow FREE MASON Courts, and FREE MASON LAWS, and FREE MASON C.O.P.S. {to round us up} for LAWS made by the EDISON for the GOLEM [Gargoyle Ghoul Population] for do we not now have OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION where {OUR RULE OF LAW} says The Person matters way more then this [Artificial Person] known as THE CORPORATION???

The ACT of 1871 U.S. Constitution is a CORPORATION Constitution and is for those {whom think they are} under The MACHINE LAWS of The United States OF America when we have [50 Nations and Countries] known as THE 50 STATES FOR AMERICA!!! In this, our 50 National FLAG [must Fly] on our State Capitals and them ROMAN STATUES {and Graven Images} on our Countries CAPITAL Building [that are nothing more} then CURSED OBJECT {of The Machine] we call THE EDISON…., and as this Device has destroyed [all human interaction] in the Destruction of LAWS for Justice and Decency, we are {Duty Bound} as WE THE PEOPLE of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION to Rebel – Revolt – Reconsider our ways…

Moreover since The UNITED NATIONS [INTERNATIONAL MAFIA] is more of The EDISON making JADE HELM 15 {A.I. RULE OF LAW} with Agenda 21 + 30 and of course these Private Contracted Paramilitaries [of G4S Academi] walking the STREETS our {U.S. Dollars Taxes} paid to build…., and these INTERNATIONAL C.O.P.S. Can Arrest and even do [Public EXECUTIONS] of our nonmaosn Police Forces as is the Case in {City of Miami Beach} where G4S C.O.P.S. Open Carry Fully Automatic [M-16 next generation} weapons to keep we the {nonmason people] in line for we are still Human in the {Esoteric World] battling for a Better Way in this PURGATORY…., you best [Shoot First nonmason] when it comes to these INTERNATIONALIST {FREE MASON} Thugs…

Johnny Exodice

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