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President Trump (Full Speech) at Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 02 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

Oxon Hill, MD

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

Forever I feel this way…

AS the world falls for the Illusions and DELUSION of Americanization and Hypnotism of the 2D FLAT SCREEN with moving pictures every where I go, I find I can not help but wonder how long have we been living in a SIMULATION, and where are our Real Bodies if we even have Bodies at all??? Whom are these people that say: America The Great!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA as if they have not one Original Thought…., or Original Way??? For all the DECADENCE of these “Chaldeans” of the ROMAN ARMY called the U.S. FLAG MILITARISM, all I see are Murderers, and War Mongers, and those whom kill and rape our women and children and even our dearth FATHER the Earth of all as Mother Heaven Cries in ways that only a Soulful Person could and would Comprehend… This WORLD can be anything we HUMANS so choose, so why do “we choose” too PARTICIPATE “in their” ways….., and their make up…..., and their Fake Space to the ULTIMATE Lie that HUMANS are a Race……., and not a People???

You my child must protect the Book of EXODICE and THE BOOKS OF NONMASON for it seems none are able to shoot or kill a FREE MASON Lodge Member in their home towns thinking THESE PEOPLE will lead the way into a NEW WORLD ORDER when their Wars are of The OLD WINE SKINS!!! We nonmason my child are hunted, and tormented, and tortured to death in ways only an INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS would appreciate… Keep your faith in our PEOPLE Strong my Child and do not feed into the WAYS of Up and Down STOCK MARKETS with the Talking Heads of these Black Mirrors taking all we have, so FREE MASON INTERNATIONALISM can rule the show when we say: The “Showings” Must NOT go on as we humans are butchered in War after War be we U.N. Citizens or not, and for what??? A piece of metal that grows in the Dirt??? A crystal called a Diamond, a Sapphire, a Ruby, and an “Onyx” that we can not eat or drink???

Since the DEVASTATION of the Faked Medication known as COVID19 where so many were “poisoned” with Vaccines, and Flu Shoots as THE Machine People “injected” Hypodermic Needles into person after person cause the people “feared” losing the Right to FLY on A fucking “Air Plane” when we used to Travel State to State, and Nation to Nation by Boats, and Ships, and them Grand Ole TROLLEY Trains of LORE before the Mud Floods of the Great Nuclear Hydrogen WAR took away all our memories, and all our moms and dads… This was the Day Lucifer aka JUPITER Turned RED and Fell from the Sky like Lightening……..., and thou “we thought” we were on a ball spinning “namelessly” through SPACE FORCE it turns out Trump and Pence made SPACE FORCE to kill “all of Mankind” and lock down “this place” called EARTH, and SEA, and AIR, as that is the “only space” you will ever know “my children” as you live in this Celestial Sphere place known as PURGATORY too the Wicked……., and those of us with Integrity…

How far I have walked from town to town, and city to city “just too see” No One lives their anymore, and as they Crowd Source the Remaining “Human” Populations into DETENTION CENTERS known as FEMA Homeland Security DEATH CAMPS of JADE HELM 15 for PROJECT BLUE BEAM…..., my eyes utter a sadness that can “only be seen” by me…. I was the one who stood up and said: ENOUGH!!! I will not play this game of Madness, and Mayhem, and the Slaughter of our young anymore!!! I chose to fight….., and did I fight like A Tiger..., and A Hawk.., and A Shark., but I could not CONCEIVE that the EDISON machine of “Forced Technology” held my Flesh…….., and Blood…., and Bones in its Mechanical Mechanization “Androgenic” Hands where it has no heart, no emotions, and no soul…. As I lay here my children “dying” before your very eyes, know that I Your Mother…., and Your “once” Proud Father are we The Moon and The Sun….

Johnny Exodice


The CIVIL WAR of the 1800’s was the LAST Stand of the People known as Tararians…


Is this what you want my children??? IS THIS ALL “YOU” EVER WANT…..


The Vatican “is the” FAKE JEWS aka ROMANS “of the” Synagogue of SATAN the LORD of the FREE MASON...


Are you a Machine or “Mankind” be you Male and Female… Time to “WAKE” the Fuck Up!!!



The Commander~


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