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President Trump and The First Lady Attend the Governors' Ball

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 10 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

The White House

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

And The Teacher Spoke…, There is só much too learn……..., só use not the “Knowledge” we now have for POWER…….., but rather “to maintain” your Sanity!!! We are in a War for this CELESTIAL SPHERE “home world” known as Purgatory……., and our ENEMY wears the same skins as “we are” do…..., the “Eye Colour” does not matter….., the Hair Color Does Not matter…., and the SKIN TONES “do not reflect” what you are actually dealing with` for Demons…, and Gin.., and Incubus., and Succubus from the “Other Side” of our FLAT DUAL EARTHS are Doppelgangers whom can look just like us, talk just like us, and “even act” as Actors and Actresses among “we all” as these FREE MASON Lodge Members are the DESCENDANTS of them Phoneticians “whom destroyed” our Tartarian way of life…., it is for good reason The Book of Knowledge that “Holy Bible” was wrote in CODE to one day free “all we nonmason” from those that come from HELL, and Hades, and The WORLD OF THE DEAD!!! There is a “Gepritia” in their souls that prevents these [MACHINE PEOPLE] from being Humane, or having any HUMAN Capacity to give a damn about Others even aomng {their own kind} if you STUDY the Talking Walking HEADS of Bollywood to Hollywood EVERYTHING on TV “is Actors” and Actresses whom are only HUMAN as far as “how they look” just like we do…., but in that, they have one FATAL FLAW, they can not SAY [Yes or No] like Jesus Told us……. they must always “Walk Around” the Answers they give us, and these CREATURES and “MONSTERS” the FREE MASON are but 1/3 rd of our POPULATIONS and they are “all connected” too the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of lies and liars as they is all a FREE MASON “knows” how to do and be, yet, since we NO LONGER WORSHIP “anything” and we nonmason surely “do not Idolize” their Adulterating Covetous “WAYS” of Pancake MAKE UP on their Faces, we can distinguish OUR WOMEN “quite easily” from all thews TROJAN HORSE People of the “Q- Anon” Movement…., we just won’t wear make up or COSMETICS, nor buy anything “they sell” from Hollywood to Bollywood for they are ALL PART OF “THAT” SYSTEM that takes our Taxes REGARDLESS of Nation and uses our “Gifts and Donations” and Tithing to make WE HUMANS Kill one another for their U.N. FLAG Games of WAR and TERROR and “Disgusting Idolatry Ways” of LOOK AT ME!!!! Look at you??????? with your Jewelry and Gold and Silver and “STOCKS” and BONDS made off The BLOOD of “my nonmason” Populations and People “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION??? I dare say not!!! You are the FREE MASON Lodges of the “Synagogal of Satan” from Zionist to Jesuits and all YOUR “Ink on Paper” books that are nothing more then Stories as fake as your “Fucking” MOON LANDINGS….., and since we now know and REMEMBER “we are” Angels and you are Demons, then it is now our Duty and our Honor to DECIMATE Your Ways, and your People, and Send “all of you” back to the Other Side of FLAT EARTH where you shall [never return] to this side of FLAT EARTH that once was Nirvana, Shamballa, Shangrila aka HEAVEN…. Too this…..., we all say: WE Are Pak-Toe… We Don’t Do Racka… WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!! The Book of Exodice…


These PARASITE “Body Snatcher” Things do not know how to LOVE…., they only know how to LUST…., and when we do “NOT” Worship, they become weak, and eventually without OUR WORSHIP they have no POWER to keep “The MASSES” under their Spells, Enchantments, or Hexes anymore…

The Commander~

P.S. The WATCHERS have returned, and I even got to see them with mine own eyes…
Buddah~ Lucifer` Jeuss~ The Trinity…. [*}*{*]

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