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Published on 27 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

Are we seeing methods of population control in our world today?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

We The People "EMPLOY" the GOVERNMENT and that means UNDER THE RULE OF LAW the word EMPLOYEE means SLAVE, and so [why do we] +=+ not just Kill these "Muther Fuckers" whom are all U.N. Troops in our City Counsel, School Boards, Religions, Military, and all the rest when the "U.S. FLAG" is the {ACT OF 1871} CORPORATION committing and commuting High Treason "Sedition" and Treason to we al cause we will not CITIZEN ARREST ALL FREE MASON Lodge members, and has nothing to do with Nationhood, nor the RESPECT of our 50 INDIVIDUAL STATE FLAGS and Boarders and Constitutions???? Q

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

When Our FOOD is as “Fake” as Our Governments!!!

For all the years I was raised on lies and deceptions and “Corruption” like bad programming from a Trojan Horse from Hell and Hades I was filled with Imaginations “and wanderings” that were not my own… Told to join “The Military” at an early age “to learn how to” turn off my humane humanity……..., so I too could go {Kill Humans} / * \ for Incubus and Succubus whom walk among we the people in human form… Yelled and Screamed “they did do” them Demons and Angles in the Military Barracks of my company commander…….., and must “we pretend” that FLAGS are Nations when FLAGS are all CORPORATIONS and what is a CORPS??? The Walking Dead “killing” the Living!!! These days I say Save A Life……., don’t Take Life…..., and if I must put one down….., it is only because I KNOW what they done…., and I don’t “need to call” these FREE MASON C.O.P.S., or play their FREE MASON “Courts” that send we the nonmason people “to their” Prisons and their Lagoons…

For so long., I thought “Wicca” was the way and the say, but The Great Teacher shared that they had Changed [Our Names] +=+ from Druids and Celts and Monks and Mages and Empah and Sages…., and in all “these words” that have meaning….., I knew not the “True Definition” [{**}] of the Words Witch, or Warlock, or even Wizard compared to Sorceress???? Moreover, I had no clue the Wiccan were “hand in hand” with the OTO Kabballa Zohar “Mystics” of them Hollywood to Bollywood Trick or Treat of Mesmorise-ation and “Hypnosis” to make all the people think we live in space when it was all a DELUSION of the most grandest scale!!! These ENTITIES called the WHO – WTO – FBI - CIA – MI-5 – Mossad and even the Popes [Private Army and Navy] [{*}] known as these TALMUD Zionist Jesuits ran the whole show from the Religions of Islam to the Cults of Wahhabism!!! In Truth…..., the Seer can not see, till the Visionary “knows” who he is, what she is, and where they are…. So to know ALL THINGS are a Grand Illusion “does not” sit well with me when I Pay the Taxes that FEED Their Machine The EDISON of “Forced Technology” where Holograms can be made Solid to “kill we all” male and female…

However, I am no longer a Witch or a Warlock or a Demon to a Devil cause they “all lead” to becoming Harpies and Sphinx's that are “Monsters” when I now so choose to say: This is whom I am, and this is what I so Choose to do “with my life” and my Right to Exist!!! The Oracle for the end of an Age has wrote many “telling” thoughts……., and I have learned to pick up a True Dictionary, so I may not just know what Big Words Mean “and add to” my Vocal Abilities…..., but I can look up words I thought I knew the “true source” and intent of the infraction of “the things” I so do speak to others!!! For the word Smart is not intelligent at all…….., and all this “5G Holographic” Hologram Tech everywhere I drive does now seem so very “diabolical” and deplorable as these Vampires and Werewolves and Pirates now “show us” this TV MATRIX COVID – 19 too say: WE FREE MASON U.N. Troops WILL NOW LOCK YOU DOWN……., and you “will do” as we say….., cause we the National Guard to the Coast Guards {forget we are} the 50 States “Militias” to work hand in hand with City, County, and State Police “of our” SAME FLAGS and CONSTITUTIONS too protect “we the people” and CITIZENS from G4S and Academi and other Private “Contracted” Paramilitaries and even PROTECT “we the people” and U.S. Citizens from the “U.S. FLAG” of these U.N. Troops in our midst…

You see…., there had to be [a way out] of all this Racka, and as I am {now a member} of the God of Pak-Toe whom there is male and female when it comes to Our King and Queen, we whom once thought we were Angels or Demons “now know” how to Read The Book of Knowledge and decipher the Bible aka “Books of Books” into what we wrote into it after the Last MUD FLOOD Reset by that dammed MACHINE the EDISON of “Forced Technology” that uses these 5G devices to bring Holographic Monsters, and Ghouls, Goblins to Gargoyles to “all the rest” into REALITY when they are nothing more then Light and Vibration and “MODULATION” of Frequencies in our Home World FLAT Duel Earth “Celestial Sphere” known as Purgatory… I know how to “cut tires” to any Dirty City Officials in my home town, and I “also know” how to sneak about like that girl in the Bat Man GOTHAM TV Show……., and take out all “Cameras and Sensors” so my Jokers can have the “last laugh” on these True Villon’s with their VALUES, but “never” one Virtue……..., and oh I cooked them “Bug Beans” and they Stank, and the purple “3D Printer” food ink turned Sickly Satanic Green!!!

Johnny Exodice

The EPA and FDA helped the CDC create the Made In China COVID 19


Make sure you watch Mike Pence out of the “Corner of your eyes” he will MORPH into what he really is…

The Commander~

It is NOT about money!!! It is that you all LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!


Since all is MADE IN CHINA then “we all have” the NORAD VIRUS “from the” Walking Dead TV Shows…


The Society of nonmason~

Its the SAME GAME “no matter” your U.N. Flags CORPORATIONS not Nations…. We live in CORPORATIONS and these are all CORPORATE WARS for their FREE MASON “Enjoyment” while we the nonmason HUMAN “Populations” die and kill for them when we should just end them!!!!


And yes this is [all being done] +=+ to put you on DIGITAL ONLY “Traceable” Monetary System of the FEDERAL RESERVES {NEW WORLD ORDER} of FREE MASON Lodges….


Akoe – Say-nea means WE ARE ONE in Spirit…

Little Girls Saves The World, and we Rangers Protect Her!!!!

La La~ Lucy~ Delilah~

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