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Philip Haney Didn't Kill Himself

Dustin Nemos
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Published on 25 Feb 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, how are we to “fight people” whom know magic??? We are to gain {our own ways} +=+ with Mages, and Healers, and Empath, and we are “to discern” the use of words for even though I say we got our own Witches and Warlocks and Demons and Devils, these Words do have intent, so I will find the [proper words] / * \ for our nonmason Magical People and “Persons” of Pak-Toe as they shall create OUR FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Magical Academies…, so Please bear with me as I am not a Person of Magic even though I am “the one” [{**}] connected to the Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction, and I am sure words like Monks from the Hindu to the Buddhist have more inflection on what we HUMANS aka Christian Islamist Hebrews “are” compared to these Zionist Jesuit FREE MASON {Incubus and Succubus} [{*}] whom steal our bodies, and our youth, and our children… To become a God had to happen……..., and to have a Goddess was the only “certain way” too bring BALANCE back…….., so Chaos can be Chaos……., and Void may be Void…..., but this wishing to “Cease to Exist” is truly what the Evil Witches….., and Warlocks…., and Wizards now seek for they know their Magic and Sorcery and “Incantations” were all based on the FAKE SPACE lies of these FREE MASON OTO “Kabbalah Zohar” Jewish TALMUD Zionist Mysticism..., and it is quite evident that Christ Jesus in the New Testaments was talking about the TALMUD ZIONIST.., and then they [reinvented themselves] as the Jews whom are NOT Jews them “Fake Jews” called the Holy Fathers G.O.D. MILITARY of Pope Francis “Talmudicalistic” Clans of the ROMAN CHURCH for there is nothing UNIVERSAL about “These Catholics” for the Word Catholic only means UNIVERSAL, not Christian, or Jew, or Muslim, or Hindu, or Zoroaster, or Buddhist, or the many older Pagan “so called” RELIGIONS that kept “we the people” in their place!!! That Spoken, we do not need Doctors, or Practitioners, or Physicians, we have always and only as NONMASON “needed to be” Healed, and Cured, and Helped by other nonmason….., not all these FREE MASON Psephologist and Psychoanalytical’s whom say: I can RED FLAG LAW you cause I got some “Ink on Paper” in a Frame…..., so I can FRAME you “for any crime” I so choose….., and my FREE MASON in the Police…., and Courts..., and Town Leadership “will make sure” your nonmason life is miserable… These are the same FREE MASON From “Trump the Chump” to Putin the Scootin to Winnie The Pooh Xi of the Vape Oils [Made In China] COVID – 19 WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of the United Nations INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemson lodges W.H.O. where our Police be they local, county, provincial, city, to our “National Flag States” have all been replaced by “U.N. Troops” of JADE HELM 15 – REX 84 – Agenda 21 + 30 for PROJECT BLUE BEAM……., and the same can be said of all National Guards…….., Coast Guards……..., and Paramilitaries form the “U.S. Flag” to the U.K. Flag to the FLAG OF NATO for they are all U.N Troops in our CONSTITUTIONAL “Costumes” known as Police and Military “UNIFORMS” all the way down to all these CORPORATION C.O.P.S. the G4S and “Academi” black-water Types of the world…., so keep letting the AIR “out of” their Tires, or just puncture them tires with a {hot metal rod} as if you were branding a COWARD for Treason, Sedition, and Traitors to our Republics, Common Wealth's, Ritualistic "RITUALISM" Churches, Mosk, Temples, and Synagogues, and “too be certain” The Human Race “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!! Keep buying and selling and “trading” only in Gold, and Silver, and Copper “3D Printed” Coin and Leaf……., and have “nothing to do” with THEIR FREE MASON Ways of Kobe Bryant Worship, but rather eat a Cobe Burger, and state, I am “glad” we killed one of these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST [Made In China] Basket Ball Stars… For we do not miss a man be they “male or female” for playing with a BALL when Kobe Bryant Sacrificed his own blood and bones and flesh “father” to become a PENTAGRAM Pyramid Person “to join” These Churches of SATAN these “Lucifraian” FREE MASON Lodges “Members” in OUR HOME TOWNS!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!


Look at this FLESH and BLOOD and BONES man “known as” Trump The Chump being WORSHIP just like that FREE MASON Fuck Kobe “The Basket Case” BRYANT is worship by all these FREE MASON Lodge Member [CROWDS] +=+ in our Nations and Democracies and STOLEN LIVES for we nonmason “have nothing” no matter our lands……..., as these CROWDS of FREE MASON Worship a FREE MASON G.O.D. known as Q – Anon….


Never Forget 1/3rd of “all nations” / * \ are FREE MASON Lodges members, and they get {all the good jobs} living off OUR WELFARE known as “Taxes” and Tithes and Tribute “to people” known as Incubus and Succubus whom “LIE” ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!

P.S. Go to Miami FLORIDA USA at Ponce De Lion and the Marble Sidewalks, and you will see the U.S. FLAG and the INDIAN FLAG {side by side} / * \ on that Capital Building in the Miracle Mile Location…. These “INTERNATIONALIST” can all go to hell!!!

The Society of nonmason~


Just go to this LOCATION in Miami at Ponce de lion and Miracle Mile…., and you will also find a Rich Mans Hotel in that area with the U.S Flag ABOVE the Florida Republic Flag and the India Republic Flag???? Hmmm, does the U.S. “own India” and not the U.K.???? Learn that the U.S. FLAG Military is the WORLD POLICE of the “United Nations” INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges….



We The Society of nonmason~ shall now “watch over” and protect OUR “Humans” as Sentinels...

Death To The RACKA!!! We are Pak-Toe!!!

The Commander~

Q+ The Pen`

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