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Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Trust Open House March 2020!

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Published on 26 Mar 2020 / In Cars and Vehicles

https://www.facebook.com/t1loc....omotive/videos/vb.59 - Amazing video by the T-1 Trust, feel free to share this post, and help fund this project!

The PRR T1 Trust had an open house in March of 2020, showing how far along this project has come!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Are none real, but we whom see???

If you are like me, and you know we live in a Celestial Sphere “Home World” of Purgatory, and that all we have “ever known” is the Books of Books the Schools Biblical TEXT Provided “be they” the Religions of these FREE MASONIC Governments [whom rule] / * \ the UNITED NATIONS International Mafia to those {Science Fiction} +=+ shows of Space and Space Travel… I am at the conclusion that George Washington is just as much “a made up story” as the falling of the TWIN TOWERS on said date of September 11th, 2001 T.L. and yes I will use T.L. that means TIME LINE for “all my dates” in this writ!!! For the photos and moving images from World War One to World War Two show “machine people” [{**}] killing Machine People as I thought HUMAN was a people, and not just some more Machines “thinking” we have Emotions, Feelings, and Rights to exist… However, this COVID 19 “Military Exercise” [{*}] has given the NEW WORLD ORDER all its desires as we who are true to our selves and “our knowledge” are so few, and so dissolved that no one will Question the NEW REALITY for all are only “images of people” we thought we knew` for we are but Projections of the Dead “whom died” in this Purgatorium a long time ago…

I have read THE BOOK OF NOMASON 1 to 9 and it is a very introspective “informative way” to look at this FLAT Duel Earth where “Doppelgangers” do exist……..., and all world Leaders are Incubus and Succubus in the Same damn “body types” as we of Pak-Toe, and if you do not know what the Word Pak-Toe means…….., then you should “go read” THE BOOK OF NONMASON and learn about the word Racka as well!!! For it seems……., we are all cursed “in this place” known to the FREE MASON as the De Ja Vu Oraborus Curse of repeating our lives “forever” in this never ending hell known as lies and deceptions built on illusions and “delusions” called Hypothesis – Conjecture – Speculation aka our world that is A CONSPIRACY of Theories presented as “Factology” by every Religion…..., every School of thought….., and every Political Talking Head from the TV Shows to the “TV Blows” that our minds take that no matter what we say…., or do..., no one is able to STOP “the madness” known as Agenda 21 + 30 of DEPOPULATION no matter you be a FREE MASON Lodge member.., or not., and for what??? So we can have a “Cashless Society” and all can be beholden to this never ending “cycle” of UP and Down Stocks and Bondage???

Maybe I am being “too harsh” as people all over the world SELF ISOLATE, and Shelter In Place as the U.N. Troops this PROJECT BLUE BEAM has replaced “all nations” Military Personal and even our Local Police Departments with “Alien Parasites” where just as in that 1950’s Movie INVASION of The Body Snatchers all World Leaders, Religious Elders, and Professors too Science and even Medication “have been” Mind Wipes, Copies, and are now nothing more then “Trick or Treat” Beings saying MANDATORY Vaccination of the “Whole Human Race” shall commence, and just as a good: JUST DOING MY DUTY Robotic Population would behave “in this” SIMULATION Holographic life of Hollow People with Hollow Hearts and Hollow Mind, we Obey – Comply – Submit??? Can I fight a WAR “with none” to aid me??? Can I save a People whom wish “too only live” for their NEON G.O.D. them 2D Black Mirror TV Screens, and must I get that Vaccine “if I wish” to live free, or fight getting the Infection Injection, so my GOVERNMENT “can place me” in one of Trumps RED FLAG LAW Mental Wards just as was done to “The Parents” of all them INCUBATOR “Mud Flood” Babies in 1893 T.L. ???

I hear Johnny Exodice and Jeppo Jinx “did their best” to shut down The EDISON Machine of Forced Labor Technology…., but this Colossus Titanic “Goliath” did actually kill Little King David for the Bible and the Koran and the Talmud and all Books “are just thoughts” and ideals of INK ON PAPER, and is not this whole wide world nothing but LAWS “we have” no say in.?.?.?, and yet.?.?.?, we pay the People we Employ “to shoot us” with Hypodermic Needles “too infest us” with Potions and Concoctions that have nothing to do with Mental, let alone, Physical Human health.?.?.?.? So in the year 4 – 22 -2020 T.L. the Planet X “Comet” did so come to pass…., and as we all sheltered in our homes alone…., and the world Governments hid in their “D.U.M.B.S.” when this was all preventable had we taken “The Right to Exist” and PARTICIPATE in the RULE OF LAW by establishing that Document: OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION, but since this is “just my thoughts” on the matter, I guess I have no say “on the outcome” of these events…

Johnny Exodice

I sometimes wonder if I am the “Glitch” in the MATRIX, and you are not “to know” where you are???


It seems my nonmason populations that “we are too few” to STOP the EPIDEMIC…


At The end of the day, all I can say: Is Trust in The Spirits...

The Commander~


More Data at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice

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