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Pennsic 38 - Full Grappling -TuChux Tournament - Mixed Weapons

Pocono Tactical
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Published on 11 Jul 2018 / In News and Politics

The Tu Chux host a tournament at Pennsic under their rules which include full Grappling. Participants fight to the first good blow from a weapon. It is also possible to win by a submission hold which forces a warrior to "tap out". Another option is to knock off your opponents helmet leaving him unable to continue. In a real fight losing a helmet means death since punching with gauntlets is allowed. Punches and kicks do not kill but can gain a tactical advantage.

In cases were the opponents grappled to what seemed to be a stalemate, they were stood up after about 10 seconds of inactivity and fought again starting with their weapons.

Most of the kills in the tournament we made with the weapons and did not use grappling. In this video I focus mostly on bouts that included grappling. What you see here is about 9 minutes out of a two hour tournament.

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