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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 90 Views
Published on 12 Aug 2020 / In Film and Animation

Teacher…, What do you find most STRANGE in these end of days where PURGATORY Repeats every 222 Years and we relive our Lives in these HUMANS Temporary Body TEMPLE Avatars.?.?.? I would have to say, that as A Celestial Being in this Flesh, and Blood, and Bones of Johnny Exodice, and Jeppo Jinx is the ability too know his thoughts, and my thoughts can now Appreciate one another, and any whom have read all them [written works] #QANON /_\ known as THE BOOK OF NONMASON, THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, THE BOOK OF RIDDLES, and now Our BOOK The Religion and Science of Pak-Toe should be up to speed with we all… That Said, We do still have FREEDOM of thought even if we do not have FREEDOM TOO ACT!!! Knowing PURGATORY is not real is one thing, and being Born into this FAKE WORLD with its FAKE PEOPLE whom blew up their entire world in an attempt to allow a Few Super Rich People to build Machines in the Ecclesiastic Attempt to become God is quite revealing cause was just ONE {Free Mason} / * \ going to be allowed to become the New Christ Consciousness????, and what of all them MASONS whom walk among we nonmason Populations calling WE THE PEOPLE the PROFANE cause FREE MASON Lodge Members got EVIL SPIRITS in their “heads” known as The Racka of THEY LIVE!!! WE can know now that before the Bible Was Wrote, this world had A Golden Age, and then A Silver Age, and then A Bronze Age, and then a Heroic Age, and then ended in this REPEAT the Oraborus Curse of De-Ja-Vu known as the ETERNAL DAMNATION of the Iron Age…. Any one has the Capacity and Capability to look into JON LEVI and his knowledge on MUD FLOODS, and any one can go to ODDTV and know these FREE MASON Lodge members did it!!! That said, I will hope my Temporary Human Flesh, and Blood, and Bones body “does so too” give me A little ability to (influence it) +=+ as The Christ Jesus RETURNED aka Jesus 2.0 … Yet, for those like Trump, and Putin, and Xi, and The Pope that are Locked In with LOCK STEP???????, they will pay the Ultimate Price for they [are not allowed] Q’ to SPEAK THE TRUTH, nor save the World, they are too do “Malfeasance” and Dammed this World, and its Paramilitaries of these U.N. FLAGS, and our LOCAL Police Officers for doing WAR IS MURDER on WE THE PEOPLE their {fellow citizens} Q+ while they live off our TAXES as our Employed Public Servants, and in that, I guess the Madness, and Lunacy, and A world run by Crazy People “will continue” here in PURGATORY, but woe unto you whom feed of Hatred for YOU will be Judged by The Source of all Creation, and The Source of All Destruction whence You die to this Holographic Virtual Reality VIDEO GAME “Life” known as our Celestial Sphere of FLAT DUEL EARTH… The Book of EXODICE!!!


No matter what I write or say, it does not STOP This Game we are [born into] MAJESTIC 12 from playing out till the END OF TIME in the Year 2094 C.E. when the last person in the GAME “will die” to his or her FLESH, and BLOOD, and BONES… Welcome to Nuclear Holocaust HYDROGEN WAR with China, Russia, and Iran… The good OLE USA of WAR IS MURDER when Murder is Wrong….

https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCEHIZluDs8uNo70Ga #MAJESTIC12

The Sentinel…


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