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Patriots vs. Summer Soldiers!!! God Bless America!!! Change is Coming!!!

American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic - 2,429 Views
Published on 27 Aug 2018 / In Film and Animation


Go to My PATREON PAGE. For Bonus Footage!!!


NSR Tactical Kydex Holsters:

Beachin Tactical Custom Rifle Speed Slings:

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50 RD
50 RD 3 months ago

I just come here to watch some video's and nothing else.

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ozpk6969 10 months ago

Amen we are with you patriot girl!!

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Jmonkey 10 months ago

We got your back pretty lady

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RazDillinger 10 months ago

You actually are the one that showed me this site. Thank you.
Also... fucking love that dress hon. Classy as he'll.
Keep it up kid

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RazDillinger 10 months ago

Babe if you're not on full-30 yet you need to get on there. I love your s hit. You'd do well with some diversification. Don't drop YouTube all together though. Give them little doses.
You reach a lot of new shooters and even better new FEMALE shooters or future shooters anyway... a lot of them don't know about ugetube or full 30 or get off the x or anything. They need you on a platform they're familiar with so they can learn about these other forums and video posting sites.
Yeah YouTube s hit on your channel... That's what they do. That's literally in their job description. It says "vote Hillary, praise Allah, fuck with conservative and gun channels"

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