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Part 2 @apfns Does a DLive TV Stream in Honor of The Dalton PD & ICE Customs 6-27-2020.mp4

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Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In Gaming

Thank You ICE Customs & Thank You Police

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

Teacher… why did our enemies change the 13 Month Calendar of 28 Days.?.?.? Would you be surprised if I told you there were 13 Tribes or People, and that HUMAN is the 13th Tribe, and that all other Realms and Tribes and {Types of Being} [{**}] decided to play a Joke on we The humans because we chose life over death, and compassion over cruelty, and in this, those with EVIL Thoughts from other houses decided to REDO the world we all live in… In this, these [other houses] /_\ made a 12 MONTH Calendar, and removed our CONSTELLATION from the Dome of The Rock by saying in all text from the Bible to the ROMANS to any and all whom participated in the DEATH OF TARTARIA by these Chaldean Tribes, Realms, Houses took all from WE ARE the humans in the spiritual; moreover, this is where WE THE PEOPLE find that THEY LIVE these “evil spirits” in them 12 houses have done all they could to say THEY ARE HUMANS when they are not!!! They might be SOLIDS, they might be Symbiots, and they may be (many names) / * \ WE THE PEOPLE have yet to paste together from the NON-REFLECTIVE to those that “can hide” +=+ in the Quicksilver of the MIRRORS too the Camera too the Moving Photos of these TV SCREENS given to “all possibilities” [{*}] in our Holographic SIMULATION where every dream you have ever dreamed is just “one aspect” of a million billion lives you have lived… That Spoken, we the people whom are now The Pineapple Blood Line at WAR with these {Eagle and Snake} /-\ Blood Lines know that these BLUE BLOODS are not what they speak when we all share these same Body Temple Temporary Carnal Corporeal AVATARS being our flesh, and blood, and bones Light Skin to Dark Skin……., Blue Eyes to Black Pupils from BLACK NATURAL HAIR COLOUR to the “lighter hairs” of Blond……, and Brown….., and Red…., but know this..., THEY LIVE aka them whom run the UNITED NATIONS are the ones doing all they can to tell we the HUMANS in the Spiritual.., and Esoteric World., that we HUMANS must now “bow down” too these Parasites, and Ghouls, and Golem walking in these Flesh Sacks PRETENDING (to give a damn) about other Flesh and Blood and Bones People, Persons, and Populations when WE KNOW the U.N. FLAGS are all Corporation Flags, and they even renamed we The Natural Born Person into CORPORATIONS, but we NONMASON people as CORPORATIONS have “no rights” as nonmason when these FREE MASON Run The Courts…….., The Militarizes……..., The Religions, These Schools of Thought, and there is no THIS OR THAT Government cause these {U.N. FLAGS} all play with we HUMANS saying Bow down to this FLAG, or that FLAG, and we shall call you COMMUNIST!!! We shall call you Socialist, We shall call you FEDERALIST, and we shall call you CAPITALIST, but we the U.N. FLAGS will run all the CAPITAL Buildings and “find ways” to trick and treat you the people into killing and murdering one another here in PURGATORY, so you never go home, you never heal, and YOU HUMANS shall and will NEVER Take this WORLD BACK for we Evil Spirits took over [the minds] of the OTHER 12 houses, and once we remove the FINAL Human your Fucking ORACLE of the “13th Tribe” with our FACE MUZZLE (COVID19) World Domination Plot for the EDISON Machine of Forced Slave Labor Technological Mechanization of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, then you Biological will no longer matter cause EVIL SPIRITS are nothing more then the INFESTATION of your Human Minds to hate, and hurt, and destroy one another till NO LIFE can live or grow, or reproduce in this Celestial Sphere and finally` all Celestial Beings will be DEAD DEAD DEAD, and we the Synthetic Electromagnetic Beings of THE MACHINE will live out our ETERNITY in these 2D FLAT SCREENS of your CGI CPU Fake 3D Realms…. The Book of EXODICE!!!

The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition goes on...

Maybe now my people of Pak-Toe you can see that if we do not TAKE DOWN these 5G Eugenics Weapons no matter {how small} too how massive as in these 5G Colossus BLOOD Cells “Cellular Modulation” TOWERS…..., then we the biological matter of this FLAT EARTH can all come to an end’ for Software Android ESOTERIC Robot Bots do not need Air to Breath, Water to Drink, or Sustenance to live, and they do not need to have BABIES to keep “reproducing” them selves when all these BOTS are Cloning themselves in the Electromagnetic World where our same HUMAN Spirits have spent an ETERNITY trying to restore our Celestial Sphere too Life when these FREE MASON possessed of Machine Spirits in their Machine Minds built all the ICBM and all them HAARP and DARPA Trillion Watt Lazers, and these [A.I. Machines] are nothing more then a PROGRAM that can not appreciate what it is doing for it is not alive, can not think, and in this, it can not be reasoned with, and if WE THE PEOPLE do not STOP the FREE MASON Lodges then our “Celestial Sphere” shall and will become as DEAD and Barren and GREY as that Holographic MOON in the DOME OF THE ROCK…..., and this “extinction process” is known as Thesis – Antithesis – SYNTHESIS shall and will conclude in the YEAR 2094 C.E.!!!!


You know all about THE GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1-853 to 1-854…..., and now you know the reason behind the “COVER UP” by your U.N. FLAGS……, and all these FREE MASON Lodge Members (in our midst) as EVIL MACHINE SPIRITS have destroyed the minds of our Biological {once friends} and Blood SPIRITUAL Relatives “Humans” whom are now just PROGRAMS aka EVIL SPIRITS walking among WE ARE Their Blood Relatives….. The Oracle for the End of an Age and the TIME LINE connected to the Source of All Creation, and All Destruction has so spoken…..

The Sentinel….


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