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The Resistance 1776
The Resistance 1776 - 134 Views
Published on 07 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

You have something to Fight for be you Good or Evil…

As I put on my Prescription Glasses to VERIFY the Stars in The Firmament are jetting out LINES to say They are Singing once again as the old words of Angels and Demons in Fighting for Heaven and Hell to remain NEUTRAL, we can see The YELLOW SUN is still in the sky if we can get A moment of Clarity when these U.N. U.S. FLAG Jumbo Jets the WORLD POLICE and The ENFORCERS are not spraying the Skies of our Lands and Nations and places we like to walk, and swim and enjoy the Nature of Life that surrounds us all, we need to be ready as LIBERATORS to STOP the Racka from Destroying our Celestial Sphere Home World of PURGATORY!!! We can defiantly research and INVESTIGATE any damn thing we só please be it FAKE SPACE and Wizard of OZ Moon Landings to Alice in the Looking Glass to THE MATRIX this Simulation of WONDERLAND where Incubator Babies were made in Industrial Factories to REPOPULATE after the last time these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST of the U.N. FLAG did a Depopulation for the ROMANS British Empire of the Vatican Synagogue of Satan!!!

Now, your minds have been filled with PROMISES as the SLAVE POPULATIONS those of you at The Trump Rallies and the Lovers of Obama as you play this Game thinking we The Society of nonmason, and OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition have no chance to Shut Down and Destroy YOUR DEATH STAR Machine called The EDISON in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA, but you seem to forget as we Battle in our Flesh and Blood and Bones Body Temple Avatars that hold our Celestial Beings and Our Symbiots and OUR PERSONS, we see though all your LIES and Deceptions as EVERYTHING from Academies to Religions to even Governments AT THIS TIME in the year 2020 T.L. of the Current TIME LINE where you wiped out our Memories, killed our Parents and Grand Parents and Guardians to RAISE US all as Domicile Domesticated Animals, we have now REMEMBERED whom we are, and we are now once again WILD BEAST ready to defeat all you Pyramid People and your DRONE Armies of Machines, and Mechanization to all the things you have erased by ways of MUD FLOODS and the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. to 1854 T.L.

Every TV Show, Every Movies has told WE HUMANS to kill the Monsters, and Vampires, and Succubus to Incubus, and The GOLEM that is a thing MADE OF CLAY that had some God breath life into it like your Story of Adam and Eve, and yet we males still have that Rib in our Chest to this day, and we people be we male and female know we come from The Womb-Man!!! You are ready to swap out the Harmless Gasses you Spray in the skies with your U.K. E.U. Jumbo Military Jets and Dive Bomb Mustard Gas and Chlorine Gas a you LEADERS OF OUR NATIONS make us Shelter in Place while DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS Create Mega Trillion Watt Lazer Fires by NASA and Ratheon and what ever other names and labels you só choose to place on your Trick or Treat Death and Damnation for all People be we FREE MASON or NONMASON!!! So, why would we care what happens when a Plane with Military are being flown in Civilian Jets to Start more Death and Damnation with IRAN since they have now Raised their OLD Person War RED FLAG??? Does it matter to we the people that all Political People and Persons FAKE SPACE, and use OUR MONEY to build Bombs and other means to kill our children and our grand children??? I Think Not!!! And as The President of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, we nonmason are not Beholden to your FREE MASON Private Contracted C.O.P.S.

Show your Hunger Games TV Shows for the TVs are on, but we are not at home, or in the Bars, for we hunt you the Evil Wicked People of this Realm just as The Koran, and Torah, and Holy Bible does teach in The Book of Revelation in the New TESTAMENT that we are no longer to Turn the Other Cheek, but shoot you dead in the Streets as the 3 Headed Dogs of WAR and your Made In China U.S. Conspiracy to kill ALL AMERICANS freemason and nonmason, só you can cover up what you have done OVER AND OVER, and it is time for This Racka to end, and WE of Pak-Toe are taking the nights to turn on the TV…., sneak out of our Homes, and Apartments, and Even Hotel Rooms to Destroy and Decimate all {OUT POST} connected to this WORLD DOMINATION PLOT!!! Be of Good Cheer my Romantic Warriors for we do go home to Our Celestial Spheres when we die, and there is NO WAY to keep those ALIVE whom do not Learn and REPENT from helping Murderers, Children Rapist and Snuff Film Creators... To the Rebel Alliance as we the Oder of the Jedi take down once and for all The SITH!!!

Johnny Exodice


No more Made In China…. As The RED DRAGON [from the Book} of REVELATION is Dead…


WE ARE HERE As Expected… Anonymous~ [///|||\\]


As you study this VIDEO, do not worry if you can not Speak Persian or Arabian, look at the Life Style of these FLESH and BLOOD and BONES Men and Women… That is your MADE IN CHINA U.S. Merchant Ships doing nothing for any whom Belong to the UNITED NATIONS ENFORCERS of U.S. and U.K. and E.U. RULE OF LAW on all we nonmason~ Also take Special Note that there is [NO LIFE or Lived in Places} where ever these RACKA GO!!!

We Are Pak-Toe… We don’t do Racka… We take them out...

The Yellow Coats of the Tan Gloves!!!

Now if you do not know what SALTS do as they call your Nic-0-TEEN Flavored Vapes with OIL??? Nicotine in Cigarettes and Cigars and Mouth Dip, and yes "The Nicorette" /*\ is what CAUSES you to {GET a Hole in your Throat} +=+ or Mouth Cancer..., Lung Cancer...., and it also Shrinks YOUR BLOOD VEINS!!! Yet, in your Lungs [The Bronchial} [{**}] is made Smaller by that SALTS......., so the OIL in your Pleasure!!! Trick OR Treat Muther Fucker!!! Don't be A fool nonmason as this is why the FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST [do not want you Vaping] in Their Bars cause they do not want the {VAPE MIST OIL} getting into their lungs or their NONMASON kidnapped {new born babies} lungs....., and giving them CRIB DEATH!!! Jeppo Jinx~ [///|||] Johnny Exodice LIVES!!! and so do we!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

WeMe DOT Come >>> Johnny Exodice


I bet he sound JUST Like a Good Ole White Man when he Talk!!! Go Alex Jones!!! Q+ The Pen`


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