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Of Masks and Blood

Sensus Fidelium
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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

I think that most of us are familiar with that great priest and Oratorian, Fr. Frederick William Faber. Fr. Faber’s hymns represent the best of Catholic piety in the English speaking world. His hymns have the power to strengthen, to console, to warm and to delight. The focus of the hymns lies on what he called the wideness of God’s mercy. The Church’s Faithful owe much to Fr. Faber, for he gave us so many pious hymns, including “Faith of Our Fathers…Jesus My Lord My God My All…Hail, Holy Joseph Hail…O Turn to Jesus Mother Turn…There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy…Hark, Hark My Soul…Jesus Gentlest Savior and so many more. But perhaps my favorite Fr. Faber hymn is entitled: Glory Be to Jesus…a beautiful piece that praises the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Consider some of these stanzas: 1) Glory be to Jesus / Who in bitter pains / Poured for me the life-blood / From His sacred veins. 2) Grace and life eternal / In that Blood I find; / Blest be His compassion, / Infinitely kind. 3) Blest through endless ages / Be the precious stream, / Which from endless torments / Did the world redeem. And then there comes that most merciful line from the hymn, namely, Abel’s blood for vengeance / pleaded to the skies / but the Blood of Jesus / for our pardon cries. Yes…the Blood of the innocent Abel…the blood of Adam and Eve’s son, brutally killed by his own flesh…his own brother Cain…that blood cries out for vengeance. Whereas, the Blood of Christ…the Blood of the Innocent Lamb shed by the sins of men…pleads for mercy.

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