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Occupy Denver Socialist May Day Extremists!

Millennial Millie Mirrors
Published on 18 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

It appears there are currently some very organized and extremely radical socialist cult-like groups plotting an overthrow of America here in the states and they see Bernie Sanders election as a step toward their end goal. These groups are even offering a comprehensive training program to turn out new recruits to their agenda.

But whats most concerning is that the one belief that all of these socialist comrades shared was that America itself represented white supremecy and they pinned white man as the scapegoat for Americas problems. Whats crucial to note is that in the same way a Jewish Conspiracy was blamed for all of Germanys problems by the National Socialist Workers Party. And thus the early beginnings of the latter generations repeating a dark park of history that our grand parents warned us never to repeat.

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