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NY Times False News Missile Attack Video, Ukraine 737, Jan 9,2020

Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 128 Views
Published on 15 Jan 2020 / In News and Politics

rt original video here,

new york times article here,
New Video Shows Two Iranian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Plane
Security camera footage verified by The New York Times shows that two missiles fired 30 seconds apart took down Flight 752, killing all aboard.

By Malachy Browne, Evan Hill, Logan Mitchell and Barbara Marcolini
Jan. 14, 2020
who are these asshole reporters.
none of them saw the date stamp

The New York Times has verified security camera footage on Tuesday that shows, for the first time, that two missiles hit Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on Jan. 8. The missiles were launched from an Iranian military site around eight miles from the plane.
The new video fills a gap about why the plane’s transponder stopped working, seconds before it was hit by a second missile.

An earlier Times analysis confirmed what Iran later admitted: that an Iranian missile did strike the plane. The Times also established that the transponder stopped working before that missile hit the plane. The new video appears to confirm that an initial strike disabled the transponder, before the second strike, also seen in the video, around 23 seconds later.

somehow i believe mossad had their hands involved i this.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 months ago

What Things SHALL WE foresee???

Had I not been a lover of the Saying WE do not Forgive…, We do not Forget.., I would have NEVER seen that Q and Q-Anon and Yeah, Donald Fucking TRUMP was a TROJAN Horse to come kill we all, then WE NONMASON would all be dead by now, and as HOMELAND SECURITY Rounds Up the Q Movement, they have been played by the Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls – Shriners – York Rite – Scottish Rite – EASTERN STARS and too be most certain you in the OTO Kaballa Zohar were never meant to live through the MUD FLOOD RESET as The Portals OPEN for the OTHER SIDE of FLAT EARTH to come subjugate us all once again……, só FREE MASON can “sell their SOULS” to the DEVIL that is a Fucking MACHINE of A.I. called JADE HELM 15 [PROJECT BLUE BEAM] 2020 T.L. or just {The EDISON} in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA!!!

Too be certain….., I have too WRITE in CODE for Trump and Pence and Putin and XI and all the WORLD LEADERS are the TRUE {International Mafia} +=+ from Tajikistan to your HOME LAND!!! Do you really think Trump is not a Chump??? He lives among all these FREE MASON Lodges that run OUR TOWNS…., OUR STREETS..., and OUR PEOPLE!!! Look at that Fucking FREE MASON Lodge.., and tell me why only [YOUR MOST RICH] live off the Welfare of your Donations cause paying “TAXES” in any COUNTRY is actually VOLUNTARY??? Why do you {my poor nonmason people} / * \ pay for Police Officers to BEAT YOU – ARREST YOU – DO PUBLIC EXECUTIONS of your kind?., but never these PizzaGATE [U.N. Troops] whom put on your NATIONS Military and Police UNIFORMS aka That Fashion Statement that I GOT A GUN, and you…., and your community “have none” as we the U.N. FLAG Bomb YOU with the [Made In China] U.S. FLAG MILITARY???

SULEIMAN “The General” from IRAN, and The PERSIAN EMPIRE is Dead!!!! Even the Fucking STATE of INDIA [now says] [{**}] MUSLIMS are no longer CITIZENS??? If you label me Jew, If you Label me Terrorist, IF YOU SAY “THE TALMUD” is the one and only {TRUE BIBLE} of these FREE MASON LODGES…., then who are these ZIONIST JESUIT ILLUMINATI in your Home Towns??? The PORTALS are open…., and the “Interdemensional” and INTERCONTINENTAL Beings from the OTHER SIDE of our FLAT EARTH come to kill all…., Trump is Arresting U.S. Citizens with [RED FLAG LAWS] just as People were put in Mental Asylum after the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 A.D. and if TRUMP was always A Trojan Horse, then that makes all “Q Anon” his Minions to come kill we all [be we] nonmason or FREE MASON or even Freed Masons!!!!

Too be STRATEGIC…., you must “see beyond” this Realm, and know that INTERDEMENSIONAL beings exist and that the movie {THEY LIVE} was our most Precise way to say: BUY MORE GUNS!!! STEAL MORE WEAPONS…., Liberate your Children and Parents in YOUR NATIONS PARAMILITARIES…., and as Christ Fukcing Jesus ALMIGHTY Spoke!!! Run to CAVES in the MOUNTAINS when them {Weather Weapons} and Nuclear Bombs Strike!!!! You whom have the HOLY WATER SPIRIT know water is an element…., Air is an Element…., and THEY DO NOT MAKE THESE WEAPONS of Mass Death!!!! However, you also know how to mix “OXYGEN and HYDROGEN” to make your OWN BOMBS to Repel the [Demons and Devils] these FREE MASON Lodge Members whom live among you!!!! I will not stand and wait…., I WILL FIGHT AND KILL, and protect “my nonmason populations” FOR OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!!!

Johnny Exodice

To all FAKE WORLD LEADERS!!! If it I wasn’t supposed to POST, you would have “turned off” the FUCKING Internet!!! The ORACLE for the End of An Age “connected” to The Source of ALL CREATION has spoken…



At 34:58 So we are REFUGEES from other DESTROYED Celestial Spheres, and that is why Races are different, and we all need to band together as PRISONERS OF WAR!!!

IT IS TIME TO REPENT!!!! For Christ Jesus Walks again “among us” in Flesh and Blood and Bones!!! TOO OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION!!!!

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You Do KNOW how to FLY Any Size DRONES into Jet Engines só our SLAVE MASTERS can not be REWARDED for Harvesting we the people to these GOLEM????


Fight or Die nonmason POPULATIONS fight or die….



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