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Now, this is strange, he died 5 yrs. ago?

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 670 Views
Published on 05 Aug 2019 / In News and Politics


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Joyce 6 months ago


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Gordian Not
Gordian Not 6 months ago

Less and less surprises me these days.
Could I be getting more gullible as I get more cynical? Lol

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loriesoliwodatruong 6 months ago

My specialty in anthropology at one time was cranial identification (had great training from N. FL coroner at the time) - looking at the photo, and the one below, my layman thought is that they are not the same person. Interestingly, I can not find a cause of death for the 2014 Connor, so far.... Was his identity lifted? Was he an organ donor and the young man we see a "wretch" (aka Frankenstein)? The young man in the photo below is not there however...he has been soul stripped/possessed imho


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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 6 months ago

I don't know if this guy is the same guy or what is going on. His mother's name is different from what the USA Today says his mother's name is. No father's name is listed in the Obits. It's strange is all I'm saying.

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Jhayne 6 months ago

Good point made, definitely a mk ultra mind control slave programmed to kill.

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